Aya Healthcare and Wanderly: Covid-19 Response

Aya Healthcare and Wanderly: Covid-19 Response

It seems as though the entire globe is reeling over management of the spread of coronavirus, or covid-19. Here at Wanderly, we are especially sensitive to and constantly observing the ever-changing medical updates as we navigate our reaction to best assist our traveling healthcare providers. Travel is an area of healthcare that cannot stop working, is unable to self-quarantine, and must exist during a time where the human instinct has been to retreat. We are glad that we have partnered with our clients to combat this phenomenon with compassion, science, and appropriateness.

Wanderly is a proud partner of Aya Healthcare during this time. As a Wanderly client, Aya has shared with us their unique method of fighting the spread of covid-19, and we are firm believers that the Wanderly platform and healthcare as a whole is more equipped to fight coronavirus with their assistance.

Aya’s longstanding mission has been creating exceptional experiences — for their clinicians, corporate employees and the healthcare facilities they serve.

During this crucial moment in the covid-19 timeline, Aya has developed a response to the coronavirus that leads with compassion and kindness, while simultaneously offering healthcare solutions to the facilities that need it most. By keeping healthcare providers at the forefront of their specific covid-19 response, Aya team members have taken it upon themselves to provide a solution that is free of anxiety, worry, or misunderstanding. Aya Healthcare believes that good enough is never good enough.

Through our partnership, we aim to take the best possible care of the general population with our healthcare providers knowing their safety and comfort throughout providing that care is not lost or forgotten.

To start, Aya is ensuring that all of their facilities, both healthcare and staffing, are following CDC hygiene guidelines.

If you are looking to travel, some hospitals have quarantined some of their core staff who may have had contact with coronavirus patients. These hospitals now have needs to backfill core staff. In some cases, these hospitals need staff on an urgent basis and are offering higher compensation rates to ensure that they are adequately staffed. If you’re interested in these rapid response positions, please contact your recruiter or find one on the Wanderly site. We intend to make a huge difference for Americans as we work together to bring safety and peace of mind to our general populations. We are working tirelessly to ensure that healthcare professionals are taken care of as well as those who need healthcare. Together, we can take care of everyone and prevent further spread.

If you are already a healthcare traveler with Aya Healthcare, it is important for you to know that if you get quarantined you will be paid in full and if you get sick you will have paid sick time off. All healthcare travelers will have everything they are guaranteed in any other circumstance. They want you to continue to be worry free throughout this experience.

If you have additional questions or concerns please contact us without hesitation. We will continue to update this page as we get more information.

Aya Healthcare 1-866-687-7390

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