2017 Best Travel Nursing Companies – The Big and Small

2017 Best Travel Nursing Companies – The Big and Small

Travel nurses are in high demand and, unlike nursing, there is no shortage of nurse travel firms to choose from.  There are currently over 300 healthcare staffing companies that help travel nurses find jobs in The United States. The 5 largest companies account for a staggering 51% of the entire market share. But are the market share leaders the best travel nursing companies?

We will begin by identifying the largest organizations in the nurse travel industry by market share. Then we’ll identify the highest rated according to social media reviews.  After, we will discuss considerations when choosing a firm to work with.

Here is a list of the best travel nursing companies according to market share:


1      AMN Healthcare Services

2      Cross Country Healthcare

3      Aya Healthcare

3      Healthcare Staffing Services, Fastaff & US Nursing

5      Medical Solutions 

6      Aureus Medical Group (C&A Industries)

7      trustaff

8     CHG Healthcare Services

9      Accountable Healthcare Staffing

10    Supplemental Health Care 

Here is a list of the best travel nursing companies according to a recent study of employee satisfaction ratings based on social media reviews:

1        OR Nurses Nationwide

2        Triage Healthcare Staffing

3        Fusion Medical Staffing

4        The Quest Group

5        Axis Medical Staffing

6        LRS Healthcare

7        Medical Staffing Solutions, Inc.

8        United Staffing Solutions (USSI)

9        Host Healthcare

10      Atlas MedStaff

As you can see the lists are very different. None of the best travel nursing companies by market share are on the highest ranking employee satisfaction list. The largest firms make tons of placements and often have a robust infrastructure to support the various roles and responsibilities.  This does not always produce the best employees satisfaction. The firms that score the highest in satisfaction do an amazing job in creating a positive experience. They often do this by developing personal relationships with all the team members.  However, they can be constrained in their ability to increase in market share due to a limited amount of bandwidth.  Both have their advantages.

Here are some considerations when evaluating travel nursing companies. You can then decide what works best for you:

Recruiter  A good recruiter is crucial in the overall experience of the travel assignment.  They will partner with you through the entire process; including the application, interview, requirements, housing, pay package negotiations, and placement. Recruiters are your first call and should be able to facilitate solutions to every challenge including your next contract.  Most negative experiences begin with a poor recruiter relationship.

Support – Some firms have a support structure in place for a smooth experience with housing, benefits, timecard submission, and clinical concerns. Occasionally they offer additional perks such as tax guidance and corporate discount programs.

Client Relationships – Sometimes it seems like every firm is recruiting for the same jobs, but this is rarely the case.  It’s important to consider what jobs the company is recruiting for. This is especially the case if you are looking to work in a specific hospital or geographic location.

Convenience – Some firms have a streamlined application process and others have a seemingly never-ending gauntlet of hoops to jump through. Tech can simplify, or complicate, this process.  Some firms do it better than others.

Stability – As the industry grows, companies are often sold and their names are changed.  This can sometimes create confusion and lead to restructuring of the recruitment and support teams.  This hard to predict, but posses challenges when it occurs.

Benefits There is a wide range of benefits being offered in the market and can be difficult to compare.  Be aware of what coverage options are offered and how the options affect the overall compensation package.

Pay Pay packages vary from company to company and even from recruiter to recruiter.  Decide what your priorities are in your overall compensation and benefits equations.  Here is a helpful blog dedicated to understanding and negotiating a compensation package.

What do you look for when deciding who to work with?  Does market share enter the equation when you choose?  Please tell us what you think.

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