California Board of Nursing Processing Times & Checklist

California Board of Nursing Processing Times & Checklist

California Board of Nursing Processing Times & RN License Checklist

10-12 Weeks – Permanent License 8-10 Weeks – Temporary license

The most efficient way to obtain your RN License in California is by doing these two things.  Completing your RN license application online (The CA RN Board highly recommends this method as opposed to printing out the application) and by completing all other items in a timely manner.  The sooner you complete all requirements, the quicker you will be licensed.  It also helps when you apply for a Temporary License at the same time you’re applying for your Permanent license (Typical California Board of Nursing Processing times are:10-12 weeks for a Permanent License and 8-10 weeks for a Temporary License).  There are occasions where a license can be issued before this time frame (these timeframes are general turn-around times given by the CA RN Board themselves, on their webpage, Processing Times,  There are also two reasons why these California Board of Nursing processing times can be off:  One is that you went to school internationally, in which your transcripts haven’t been sent over yet and two, if you have a “flaw” on your background check, your file will have to get cleared through the Enforcements department first, before going back to the Licensing department to be processed for licensure.

Listed below are the items needed to obtain your California RN license:

Online Application: Apply on  Complete application in its entirety and if something doesn’t apply, simply write N/A in space provided.  Double-check all your information and remember to sign and date your application before you press “Submit”.

Pay Fees: Endorsement Fee: $350 Temporary License $100 (be sure to mark the box on either your ID Form and/or on the application, indicating you’re applying for both. *Please understand that the CA RN Board of Nursing won’t begin processing your application until appropriate licensing fees have been paid.

*If for some reason, you forget to apply for the Temporary License on your application, you can simply write a short statement, sign and date it and either fax or mail to the Board directly with a check or money order for $100.


In-State: Complete Livescan process (take your ID, Live Scan form and correct payment)

There will be a total of three copies of Live Scan form: (1) for you, the applicant, (2) for Live Scan Operator and (3) for the CA RN Board of Nursing.

*The CA RN Board typically receives Live Scan results between 2-14 days from the day you complete it.

 Out of state:     Complete fingerprints at your local sheriff or police station, using an FD-258 fingerprint card (each location will charge a small “rolling” fee).  Once fingerprints have been completed, you will want to send your fingerprint card, either via Priority Mail or Federal Express* to the CA RN Board

*The CA RN Board typically processes fingerprint cards between 6-8 weeks from the day you complete them.  Please overnight your fingerprint card to the following address:

 Board of Registered Nursing

1747 North Market Blvd., Suite 150

Sacramento, CA 95834

 *You want to protect the integrity of the Fingerprint Card and want to send it in a way where you attain a tracking number, to ensure it arrives safely to its destination.

 Transcripts:   You will need to provide transcripts from the college where you received your first nursing degree but also from the college(s) where you completed all your pre-requisites at.

Please complete the top portion of the “Request for Transcript” form and only send it to college where you received your nursing degree from, where they will complete bottom portion, which is where they are confirming/attesting to the CA RN Board that you did indeed graduate and attend their college.

 Listed below are all the classes that the CA RN Board will be looking for when they receive your transcripts:

Required Pre-Requisite Courses:

Anatomy & Physiology




Written & Oral Communications

Required Nursing Courses:

Medical-Surgical Nursing

Obstetric Nursing

Pediatric Nursing

Psychiatric Nursing

 License Verification:    Complete on

 Completed “Verification of License” form or Nursys® Verification Application if your board of nursing participates in Nursys®. International graduates must also submit a “Verification of License” form from the board of nursing where the examination was taken.
*NOTE: Nursys® verifications expire 90 days from the date of the request. Please do not request your Nursys® verification prior to submission of your endorsement application or it may expire before your file can be fully evaluated.

 Once you’ve completed all the required items, sit back and relax as the waiting period has now begun.  You should give the CA RN Board of Nursing at least 6 weeks before you call them for an update.  At that point, if your application is currently being worked on, they should be able to tell you if you are missing anything required to issue you a Temporary License.  If the CA RN Board needs additional information from you, they will typically mail a letter to you, outlining what’s missing from your application packet.  *Please Note: The address you have listed on your application is the address they will be sending your letter to.  As soon as your license has been issued, the information will be available for viewing on the online verification system,  You can then print out this verification as proof of licensure, as the CA RN Board no longer issues “hard cards”.

Board of Registered Nursing
1747 N. Market Blvd., Suite 150
Sacramento, CA 95834-1924

(916) 322-3350








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