Featuring S&L Pathologist: Caley

Featuring S&L Pathologist: Caley

1. Where are you from?

Birmingham, AL

2. What’s your dog’s name and how long have you been blessed with his/her company?

Scruff, and I adopted him 2 1/2 years ago when grad school was wrapping up

3. What kind of work do you do in Speech & Language Pathology?

I primarily work with the Adult population in Home Health with dysphagia, aphasia, voice, speech, and cognitive communication deficits.

4. Where have you traveled? Any favorite locations?

Ellijay, GA; Myrtle Beach, SC; Oakland, CA; Gadsden, AL; Lancaster, PA; Methuen, MA; and currently Rome, GA.

Hmm. That’s a tough question because there is always something great about each location and everyone is unique in its own way. I’m a mountain girl at heart, so I love any assignment near the mountains. Lancaster, PA was maybe my favorite location though due to the gorgeous landscapes and farms, the kind-hearted individuals, and the home health company I worked for was marvelous.

5. Where are you headed next?

Well, I’m headed to Italy the week of Thanksgiving with a friend. Yay! Other than that, I have no idea as of yet. I have my Alaska, Washington, and North Carolina licenses and would like to use at least two of them in 2019.

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