Highest Paying Travel Nursing Cities

Highest Paying Travel Nursing Cities

Curious about the highest paying cities? Look no further. While this information changes weekly, we’re sharing this month’s top-paying locations on Wanderly. Simply click below to get started on your search:

Abilene, TX | $2,483/Wk
Monterey, CA | $3,297/Wk
Albany, GA | $2,331/Wk
Allentown, PA | $2,412/Wk
Misson Hills, CA | $3,175/Wk
Anchorage, AK | $2,342/Wk
Ann Arbor, MI | $2,579/Wk
Antioch, CA | $3,006/Wk
Louisville, KY | $3,012/Wk
Apple Valley, CA | $2,768/Wk
King City, CA | $2,916/Wk
Arcata, CA | $2,769/Wk
Atlanta, GA | $2,646/Wk
Baltimore, MD | $2,542/Wk
Berkeley, CA | $2,781/Wk
Beverly, MA | $2,809/Wk
Joshua Tree, CA | $2,591/Wk
Bismarck, ND | $2,654/Wk
Indianapolis, IN | $2,649/Wk
Boston, MA | $2,931/Wk
Henderson, NC | $2,510/Wk
Bridgeport, CT | $2,528/Wk
Greenville, NC | $2,477/Wk
Bronx, NY | $2,704/Wk
Fresno, CA | $3,302/Wk
Brooklyn, NY | $2,600/Wk
Burien, WA | $2,900/Wk
South Lake Tahoe, CA | $3,061/Wk
Turlock, CA | $2,739/Wk
Roseville, CA | $2,751/Wk
Redding, CA | $2,607/Wk
San Jose, CA | $3,715/Wk
Portland, ME | $2,652/Wk
Porterville, CA | $,2856/Wk
Moreno Valley, CA | $3,019/Wk
Petaluma, CA | $2,989/Wk
Newton, MA | $2,800/Wk
Norwich, CT | $2,704/Wk

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