Transparency In Travel Healthcare Staffing With Fusion’s Holly Fenn

Transparency In Travel Healthcare Staffing With Fusion’s Holly Fenn

Fusion Medical Staffing is a proud agency partner of Wanderly. We sat down with Holly Fenn, the Manager of Candidate Relations, and discussed transparency in the traveling healthcare professional industry.

Here is a little bit about Fusion: Fusion isn’t just a job; it’s a lifestyle. Our actions are rooted in making a positive impact, both personally and professionally. Here, we don’t just work hard and play hard every day; we do it with a purpose. And through it all, we strive to stay humble, stay driven, and stay positive. We’re proud of who we are and where we’re going.

And of course, a little bit about Holly from Holly herself:

I am an expert in my field. I have a wide breadth of knowledge of the healthcare field. I have worked in the hospital setting in the ER, L&D, Allergy Immunology, Family Practice, Peds, Internal Medicine, and Medical Surgical. I was in the United States Air Force for eight years and in a lot of instances functioned above my scope of care because I was a trusted part of the team. I bring a high level of experience, integrity, and honesty to my profession.

  1. What is fusion’s mantra for traveler recruiting?

I would say Fusion’s mantra for its travelers is customer service is job number one. We treat our travelers like they are part of our family.

  1. What is your individual mantra or recruiting style, Holly?

My recruiting style is that of the “voice of reason”. I like to be very diplomatic and neutral in my responses while still educating travelers on the truths of the industry.

  1. What makes fusion unique?

Our culture makes us completely unique without a doubt! We love coming to work because our culture is so good and it makes us better at our jobs and better employees! If you love what you do, it’s not really working.

  1. Why should a traveler choose fusion?

Well, I may be a little biased on how great Fusion is, but our customer service, our honesty, our reputation, and our willingness to go the extra mile for our travelers!

  1. What is your definition of transparency in this industry?

Transparency in the staffing industry is hot-button issue for travelers and a pain point for recruiters. There are so many different ways that each side defines it and none seem to match up and neither side usually agrees on the definition.  Transparency to me is a willingness on both parties to share relative information to the contract. Transparency is not one-sided and both parties need to be open and honest with each other about things

  1. Why is transparency important to you as a recruiter?

Transparency is a two way street of communication in my mind between me and my traveler. It is important for me to know their details so I can provide a better customer service experience to them and it is important for them to know my details so that they can feel comfortable and confident in taking an assignment with me. Ultimately, we should be a team that shares information back and forth for the good of all parties.

  1. Why is transparency important to fusion as a company?

Transparency is important to Fusion because, without it, we are not meeting our expectations of great customer service to our candidates and our clients. We have to have a good handle on the transparent details to provide a better customer service experience to our candidates, our clients, our vendors, and other internal employees that are involved in the process. We are a great big team-oriented company and everyone involved needs to know the details to do their job to its highest level!

  1. What myth can you bust about transparency in the nurse recruiter relationship?

Transparency does not necessarily mean that a traveler knows the bill rate of a contract.  If a traveler takes the time to develop a great relationship with their recruiter, they will never question whether or not the information they are provided is transparent in relation to their pay package. They will know it is.

Our favorite quote from Holly:

“I repeat this over and over. Honesty and professionalism will help you be an outstanding traveler. If you are honest about your intentions to find an opportunity with my company and any others that you are working with, we will be on a level playing field with what you are looking for and need. Your professionalism stands for how you represent yourself to my company and a hospital. It also means you handle your on-boarding paperwork compliance quickly and efficiently. These two things really go hand in hand and if you are both of these things with me, I am definitely showing you the same respect back! It’s a two-way win-win situation.”

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