Travel Nursing Jobs

Travel Nursing Jobs

Travel Nursing Jobs

With Nurses Week that happened this month, we wanted to touch on this wonderful world of Travel Nursing Jobs. The way they’re found and searched for can sometimes be a daunting process. Even if a recruiter is offering jobs to you, you still don’t know all your options or what’s out there. On Wanderly, the power is in your hands to choose a location, pay rate, specialty, agency, and more. This allows you the freedom to compare offers and pay rates from the top paying agencies and get the best offer. Let’s go deeper into our powerful search function and the many ways you can search for your next travel assignment on Wanderly:


Specialties: we have a place for that. Searching by specialty is made simple for the area you want to work in. This includes:

And more.

You can also expand your skills in different specialties. Being a pro and ready to go in your current specialty is expected, however, often times a hospital could ask you to help in a lower acuity specialty. For example, if your specialty is working in the ICU but there’s a temporarily limited demand, they could float you down to TELE Or MS. Make sure you check for float pool policies if this is something you don’t want.


Location options are endless. Every 3 months, you can experiment to see which coast or state you prefer the most. You can also check out our suggestions for Best Cities For Travel Nursing,  which includes:  

This is both the fun and challenging part of choosing your next assignment because it also depends on the pay. Some locations will pay more than others, and you also have to factor in the time of year you’re choosing to go to a specific location.


Our search filter allows you to search by highest pay so you can automatically see the top paying assignments from leading agencies. This gives you the power to compare pay packages and the many offers for an assignment before you even speak to a recruiter. Then, with one click, you can apply to as many assignments as you want once your profile is complete on Wanderly.


Guess what? The top paying agencies can be found in one platform, so you can view everything in one place. Simply browse by agency or leave this portion blank to view pay packages from all agencies in the system. If you also have a recruiter you’re currently working with who’s a part of an agency not yet on Wanderly, you can refer them to include their job opportunities on the platform as well. That way, all your information is housed in one place where you have the freedom to click and apply to any agency, any opportunity you want.

Didn’t answer all your questions? Not to fret! We’re also always 1 click away at

Ready to dive into Travel Nursing? Browse the highest paying opportunities today and get started on your next dream adventure.

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