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The Wanderly Website Review:

Travel Nursing Newbies is a dimension of the Highway Hypodermics family, and this brand new website incorporates all of the things travelers love and expect from the HH brand. Wanderly is partnered with Kay Epi Slane, the woman who founded Highway Hypodermics. In Kay’s words, “ is a place where brand new travelers are handheld through the jungle of travel healthcare, so they do not have to wander”.  Let’s explore!


The layout for is really nice. The placeholder photograph is unique to travel and the colors are inviting. You can find the majority of the information right on the front page, so you do not need to look to far or go searching through a ton of tabs. There are also external tabs that are linked to the blog and the agencies that support the page. It is easy to navigate the website, and you can easily find whatever you may be looking for specific to the pages.


Kay and her team provide a ton of quality content in the Newbies Workbook. You’ll need to subscribe to the email list (why would you not want to do this anyway, especially if you are brand new!), and then you get to download the information. This kind of content does not come around for free that often, I sincerely hope you are running there right now to go get yours. I will leave the meat and potatoes of the workbook to the imagination because we feel it is that important for you to download it.


We have all had to do way more reading than we ever wanted to in the healthcare world, right? Well, not anymore. Kay has created professionally produced videos that lay out all of her suggestions and information in comprehensive and neat packages just for you. They are quick and to the point, and they house invaluable information for the newbie traveler. Gone are the days where information comes from all over the place and takes hours to siphon through.


Of course, they have a blog! Kay is a talented writer and provides and entire tab of blog content for you peruse. She authors many of the blogs herself, and she has a wealth of knowledge to share with the newbies. She also incorporates new and fresh content that is fun and entertaining for the reader.

 Recruiters and Agencies

The website provides two separate pages stocked full of awesome recruiters that cater to newbies as well as agencies that travelers recommend. You can search through them and find one that fits perfectly for you. The agencies can also accept a referral from you, so they can reach out in the future.


Kay and her team of experts are introduced on the site and are available to all of the visitors. You can get to know them, and you can work with them if you have a specific question!


We are suckers over here for Kay’s awesome team. We would suggest some clearer photographs of the experts and a contact link for each next to them. We get to chat with Kay all the time, and we believe everyone should have that pleasure!

Overall: this is a fantastic website and resource for travelers.

Congratulations, Kay and team!

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