Wanderly 2018 Roundup: Our 12 Favorite Blog Posts

Wanderly 2018 Roundup: Our 12 Favorite Blog Posts

As we come to the end of 2018, we wanted to look back on the blog posts that helped travelers like yourself this year. Whether you’re new to Wanderly or not, we’ve been able to grow with some wonderful travelers that have contributed to our blog and are equally excited for the future writers who are passionate to share their wisdom with the traveling healthcare community. We rounded up 12 favorite blogs of 2018 to recap some tips, highlights, and helpful guides as you step into 2019:

Best Cities For Travel Nursing

“In the travel nursing world, there are so many options and so many places to try. It is perfectly normal to wonder you are going to sift through all of the craziness that is a brand new home, even if it is temporary. We get questions all the time like this: “where should I go?” or “what are the best cities for travel nursing?” or “what is the atmosphere, community, etc. like there,” and “what is the weather going to be like in my brand new city?”…”

How To Travel On A Budget

“For travel-lovers, there’s nothing better than an amazing trip. However, when you can’t take that big trip on your wishlist, the next best thing is a budget-friendly weekend getaway. To travel on a budget, it always pays to shop around, plan ahead, and look for deals around every turn…”

Travel Nurse Packing List

WOOHOO!! You’re going on a trip! We are excited that you found your travel assignment on Wanderly, and now you are beginning your journey to your next home! Packing for any move or adventure can be overwhelming, especially if you have not ever done this before. We totally get it. We have prepared a few must-haves for your travel nurse packing list for your travel nurse assignment compiled from travelers themselves. These are the essentials:…”

Benefits Of Travel Nursing

Travel nursing is an incredibly fruitful career and can be very lucrative with the benefits of travel nursing that are unparalleled in staff nursing. A few of the benefits of travel nursing monetarily included taking advantage of tax-free reimbursements by finding your own housing, accept crisis pay contracts or assignments that offer 4 shifts a week and take extension bonuses that are offered at the end of a contract. The benefits of travel nursing outside of money involve health and wellness, medical, dental, and vision insurance, and some hospitals will match bonuses to retirement savings funds…”

Design For The Traveling Healthcare Professional

Today’s traveling professions include bloggers (duh), peace corps volunteers, travel nurses, truck drivers, photographers, writers & journalists, cruise ship/airline industry occupations. What’s not to love? You get to experience new places, meet new people, and find your passion. Isn’t that what life is all about?…”

2018 Nurse Kelley Scholarship Recap

“Our first year in the scholarship arena was overwhelmingly successful, and we owe it to everyone involved. The Fall 2019 Nurse Kelley Scholarship will open in the Spring of 2019, and we will be sure to let you all know….”

International Travel Nursing

Travel nurses are some of the most adventurous people on the planet, so it makes a lot of sense that some of you travel nurses would want to look into international travel nursing. Nursing shortages extend well beyond our nation’s borders. This article will provide you with you a detailed blueprint of how to get involved in international travel nursing including where to go, how to get there and tips on how to make the most out of international travel nursing.”

9 Trends In Nursing

For a long time now, healthcare systems have revealed trends in nursing that are often times crucial to the way nurses perceive and provide nursing care. Trends in nursing are the patterns that have shaped the profession, guided legislation, and given reason to the way that healthcare facilities operate today. We want to review a few. Many of the current trends in nursing will not surprise you, but the way they will affect nursing down the road might…”

Compact States: The Impact by Kay Slane, RN

“As a traveling nurse, getting a new state license every thirteen weeks can be quite expensive.  Each state board will ask for more money to do background checks and license verification processes.  If a traveler works in FloridaCalifornia and 2 different states and applies for a license in each, it can easily cost him or her over $1,000 by the time they become licensed.  However, by being a resident of a compact state, getting a new license for every state is much simpler and cheaper process…”

How To Be A Better Nurse

Nurses are often underappreciated and their job often is thankless. We know how hard nurses work, and we are only answering “how to be a better nurse” from a practical and educational standpoint with tangible and reasonable solutions. We do not want anyone to be too hard on themselves. We do not know one “bad” nurse. There are many reasons one would desire improving their nursing skills within their career, and that is the reason we are supplying areas of improvement for nurses as well as areas of improvement for new nurses. Here are four tips for how to be a better nurse…”

Travel Nurse Tax Guide

In this 2018 Travel Nursing Tax Guide we will cover: Travel Nurse Tax Deductions such as Tax-Free Stipends and Reimbursements, Tax Homes, Reasons for Taxable Income and Tips to pay less tax and decrease any chance of an audit. This Travel nurse Tax Guide is only a guide. If there are any unanswered questions please consult a Tax Professional…”

10 Tips For New Travel Nurses

“The first of 10 travel nursing tips is: jump into it. Sign up, and start the process today. Know you’re not the first to do it. Other experienced travel nurses have paved the way and we’ve learned so much from them. I can admit, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing when I first applied with a travel nurse company. That’s why I’m going to share with you my favorite travel nursing tips. These tricks to ease this process and make this a seamless transition from staff to travel nurse…”

We hope you enjoyed our 2018 blog roundup. If you are new to traveling or have a friend who is, share this blog with them! Wanderly is the easiest way to find your next assignment across many trusted agencies who share fully detailed pay packages. This allows you to compare the highest paying opportunities in your favorite cities, so what are you waiting for? Find your next assignment for 2019 here.

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