• Med Surg
  • Neuro
Phoenix, AZ
  • 268 beds
  • Day, 5x8 hr
  • May 6, 2018
$ /wk
Total Weekly
Taxable Income Weekly Hourly
Regular Pay Rate (min $18.00/hr) $800 $20.00
Overtime Pay Rate (min $25.17/hr) $0 $30.00
Total Taxable $800 $20.00
Tax-Free Income Weekly Hourly
Housing Stipend (max $1218/week) $665 $16.63
M&IE Stipend (max $413/week) $336 $8.40
Total Tax Free $1001 $25.03
Total Compensation $1,801 $45.03
Job Bonuses
  • Sign-On Bonus $500
  • Referral Bonus $500
Available Agency Benefits
  • Health Insurance
  • Contribute to Health Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Vision Insurance
  • Housing
  • Allow Pets
  • Licensure Reimbursement
  • Licensure Process Assistance
  • Paid Compliance Costs
  • Holiday Pay
  • Paid Time Off
  • Rental Car
  • Offer Matching 401k
  • Nationwide
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • CEU Reimbursement
Job Information
  • Assignment Length: 12 weeks
  • Total # of hours: 480

Required Credentials

BCLS (Basic Cardiac Life Support)

Job Description


  • Med/Surg RN with experience with Neuro patients


  • 8 hour days, Monday - Friday


  • BLS, RN License


  • Ambulatory/Neuro is a specialized unit that uses many nursing skills. Neuro patients often have brain injuries, brain tumors, spinal injuries, migraines, back surgeries, or are stroke patients. Ambulatory/Neurological RN's are experienced in skills such as feeding tubes, trachs, administering blood, and are often very organized. Ambulatory/Neuro can be a very busy unit, but well worth it. 

Unit Description

Ambulatory Neuro Clinic

Facility Info

This Magnet Hospital in Phoenix is ranked No. 1 in Arizona and No. 20 on the Honor Roll. The 250+ bed campus provides medical care for thousands of people from the United States and around the world each year, and the Traveler feedback is fantastic.

Agency Information

As a travel health professional, your experience and dedication to patient care is in high demand throughout the United States. Whether you are a veteran traveler looking for your next opportunity, or you are looking to travel for the first time, Voca is here to support you. Voca’s experienced and dedicated travel team works in concert with you every step of the way. Our long-standing partnerships with some of the most respected and recognized healthcare organizations in the country allow us to identify career opportunities to help you increase your knowledge and experience while working with some of the best physicians and healthcare professionals in the world. At Voca, we strongly believe a better career results in a happier you. We are here to help you find a position that is professionally and personally rewarding.
Compensation Weekly
Taxable Income $800
Tax-Free Income $1001
Total $1,801
Job Information
  • Assignment Length: 12 weeks
  • Total # number of hours: 480

Available Agency Benefits
  • Health Insurance
  • Contribute to Health Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Vision Insurance
  • Housing
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