• Telemetry
Pittsburgh, PA
  • 508 beds
  • Rot, 3x12 hr
  • 13 weeks
  • Sep 24, 2018
Maxim Healthcare Services
$ /wk
Total Weekly
Taxable Income Weekly Hourly
Regular Pay Rate (min 18.00/hr) $864 $24.00
Overtime Pay Rate (min $27.00/hr) $0 $36.00
Total Taxable $864 $24.00
Housing Stipends (max $903/week) $600 $16.67
M&IE Stipend (max $378/week) $264 $7.33
Total Tax Free $864 $24.00
Total Compensation $1,728 $48.00

*Tax-Free Stipends are paid on a per diem basis. The hourly calculation is for comparison purposes.

Job Benefits
  • Guaranteed Hours
Job Bonuses
  • Referral Bonus $500
  • Extra Shift Pay/Hour $60.00
Available Agency Benefits
  • Health Insurance
  • Contribute to Health Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Vision Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Housing Furnished
  • Allow Pets
  • Licensure Reimbursement
  • Licensure Process Assistance
  • Paid Compliance Costs
  • Loyalty Program
  • Holiday Pay
  • Paid Time Off
  • Rental Car
  • Offer 401k
  • Joint Commission Certified
  • Nationwide
  • Director of Nursing
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • CEU Reimbursement
Job Information
  • Assignment Length: 13 weeks
  • Total # of hours: 468

Required Credentials

BCLS (Basic Cardiac Life Support)

Job Description

There is 12 hr rotating, or straight night shifts. No block scheduling.

also have July 9th and August 6th start dates

Temp License excepted.

Facility Info

Opening its doors in 1885 with modest facilities and medical resources, This hospital in Pittsburgh has evolved from 50 beds inside of two adjoining brick homes into one of the country’s premier health-care institutions. Through the decades, our talented and expert physicians and health-care professionals have always dedicated themselves to providing patients with innovative treatments, pioneering research discoveries, and exceptional medical care that is both personalized and compassionate.

Leader in expert medical care

Our doctors are world-renowned in their fields and lead exceptional teams of nurses, technicians, clinicians and support staff who deliver advanced care in virtually every medical and surgical specialty. This hospital is a national leader in cancer, cardiovascular, neuroscience and orthopaedic and rehabilitation care.

We have been recognized by U.S. News and World Report as one of the country’s best hospitals. Truven Health Analytics, formerly Thomson Reuters Healthcare business, identified this hostpial as one of the country’s “100 Top Hospitals” and recently named our network of hospitals one of the best health-care systems in the nation.

This hospitals surgeons designed the first suture-less heart valve, an innovation that doubled the patient survival rate in the United States. This hospital was also the first hospital in the region to receive designation as a Level I Shock Trauma Center, which is the highest designation available, and our LifeFlight aeromedical service was the first to fly in the northeastern United States. We are home to the largest American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO)/American College of Radiology (ACR)-accredited program in the country and the first and only one in Pittsburgh. Our adult transplant program is recognized among the top 25 in the United States, and we serve as the primary medical provider for orthopaedic and rehabilitation care for the Pittsburgh Pirates.

This hospital has 576 licensed beds and approximately 800 physicians and 5,000 staff members. We are committed to improving and maintaining the good health of people in our communities and utilizing every possible technology, resource and talent to make that happen. Each year, this hospital:

  • Admits approximately 24,000 inpatients
  • Records nearly 300,000 outpatient visits
  • Handles more than 55,000 emergency department registrations
  • Performs more than 23,000 surgical procedures

We have a robust history of conducting basic, clinical and translational research that has significantly contributed to finding more effective ways to prevent, diagnose and treat disease. Our patients have a direct gateway to some of the most cutting-edge treatments and therapies as we continually acquire new medical knowledge and translate our findings to help save lives and improve outcomes.

Agency Information

To be the leading provider of quality healthcare staffing services and to be recognized for our uncompromising dedication to the provision of comprehensive, professional, and compassionate care. To be creative, innovative, and a trendsetter in healthcare delivery, offering challenging and dynamic employment opportunities, encouraging and supporting the talents and energies of our staff, and managing the company in a profitable manner.
Compensation Weekly
Taxable Income $864
Tax-Free Stipends * $864
Total $1,728

*Tax-Free Stipends are paid on a per diem basis. The hourly calculation is for comparison purposes.

Job Information
  • Assignment Length: 13 weeks
  • Total # number of hours: 468

Available Agency Benefits
  • Health Insurance
  • Contribute to Health Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Vision Insurance
  • Life Insurance
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