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A managed service provider that combines human and software intelligence to ensure your growth is supported cost-efficiently and effectively.


We connect suppliers and staffing firms with the training and workforce management support they need to grow.


Unlike other MSPs, Workforce is accessible to all healthcare staffing firms.


That means no minimum team member requirements and customizable hours.

Group 5311

Compliance & Credentialing Specialists

Our main goal is to ensure your onboarding goes smoothly – avoiding hiccups that can lead to costly delays in service and staff. Unlike other MSPs, our specialists are uniquely trained in the healthcare industry and ready to get to work for you in whatever capacity is needed – whether that be specific projects or end-to-end onboarding management.

Lead Engagement Specialists

An influx of recruitment leads can be a nice problem to have, but if your team can’t keep up with lead volume it can result in costly delays in recruitment. Luckily, this is an avoidable situation with our lead engagement specialists, who are specially trained in inbound lead management. This team ensures that your top prospects are contacted promptly and connected with a recruiter, while simultaneously preserving your teams’ time.

Group 5318

Sourcing & Recruitment Specialists

Workforce also has you covered in the times of low lead volume. This team of specialists helps to keep your recruitment pipeline flowing strong by conducting outbound marketing tasks on behalf of your recruitment team.

Administrative Support Specialists

Our service doesn’t just cover the obvious – we also offer catch-all services to support you in general administrative tasks. Whether it be data entry, document preparation, payroll and accounting, calendar management, or file management our expert specialists have got you covered.


Frequently Asked Questions.

BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) is the delegation of one or more business processes to an external provider that, in turn, administrates and manages the selected processes based on defined and measurable performance metrics.

We provide support in recruiting, customer service, hiring and onboarding, credentialing, and clinical operations.

Your team may have certain responsibilites that are of higher priority than others, and those back burner tasks become hard to maintain. That's where we come in. Your future team members are already trained and ready to work for however long (or short) of a time you need. No minimum workloads, no overcommitments. Let your team focus on your priorities and our team can handle the rest.

We can fulfill your roles within just 3 weeks.

Workforce is designed to be flexible, start with 1 resource and scale up or down anytime. Contact us below to discuss your needs and learn more.

Your extended team would be located in Nicaragua, US Central time zone, and proficient in English, minimizing time zone and other issues that arise from working with other geographical areas.


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