Working As a Married Travel Nurse: Balancing Love and Nomadic Careers

Working As a Married Travel Nurse: Balancing Love and Nomadic Careers

One of the best things about being a travel nurse is the freedom of choosing when and where you want to work. However, sometimes, it can pose challenges in a marriage, especially when spouses don’t share the same work flexibility.

Is it possible to be a successful married travel nurse without straining your relationship?

Absolutely, it is possible. However, it requires careful consideration of a few key factors. Let us examine some scenarios and strategies to manage your relationship effectively.

Ideal Scenarios

  1. Best Case Scenario

Some couples thrive as traveling healthcare professionals. They find travel nurse jobs at facilities that match both of their specialties. Ideally, their schedules can be matched as well, so both spouses are at work at more or less the same time.

  1. Second Best Scenario

While it might seem odd to look at it this way, a few good things did come out of the COVID-19 quarantine. One of the most significant developments is that many companies discovered employees could work remotely with no loss of productivity. In fact, productivity improved with remote work in some cases.

A married travel nursewhose spouse works remotely will enjoy a much simpler choice than someone married to a person who must physically report to work each day. Remote work makes it much easier to pull up the stakes and move to the next town without a spouse having to be concerned about finding someplace to work.

Here, the work-from-home spouse needs to recognize the potential for fatigue. Working from home, people are alone all day, so when their spouses come home, they’re excited to have someone with whom to converse. However, after pulling a 13-hour shift, many people want to unwind before engaging in spirited conversation. Couples need to look out for one another in this regard and recognize potential fatigue while maintaining communication.

  1. Third Best Scenario

Single-income households are somewhat rare these days. However, the travel nurse’s superior pay, when coupled with the stipends, can make it feasible. However, the stay-at-home spouse needs to combat boredom through personal pursuits or side jobs.

Workable — But Potentially Less Desirable

Traveling alone and going home whenever possible can be a workable solution in some cases. However, it may also be fraught with concerns of loneliness for both spouses.

Some people get around this by taking travel nurse jobs just far enough away from home to qualify as travel (typically at least 50 miles) but close enough to go home as often as possible.

People who use this approach also tend to log many hours on Zoom or FaceTime. An unlimited data plan can help ensure that keeping in touch doesn’t become prohibitively expensive in these cases.

Communication is Key

It’s important to have a conversation about what working travel nurse jobs as a married person will entail when entering relationships—especially before marriage. It is particularly true in situations in which one of the parties in the relationship is already working as a travel nurse and does not want to abandon the lifestyle.

In addition to communicating with spouses, it’s important to have discussions with recruiters to ensure they promote opportunities within the desired range of travel. Schedules can often be arranged to allow more time with spouses as well. Above all, though, it’s important to put in the effort to ensure a spouse’s emotional needs are both acknowledged and addressed, regardless of the approach taken.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Can both spouses work as travel nurses simultaneously?

Yes, both spouses can work as travel nurses concurrently. Many couples find assignments that accommodate both their specialties and synchronize their schedules.

  1. What if my spouse cannot work remotely? How can we make this lifestyle work?

If one spouse cannot work remotely, it may require a bit more planning. Couples often find travel assignments within a reasonable distance from home, allowing the travel nurse to commute back regularly.

  1. Is it financially viable for one spouse to stay at home while the other works as a travel nurse?

Yes, the higher pay of travel nurses, along with stipends, can make it financially feasible for one spouse to stay at home.

  1. How can we handle the emotional challenges of a long-distance marriage due to travel nursing assignments?

Communication is the key to overcoming the emotional challenges of a long-distance marriage. Regular video calls, open discussions about feelings, and planning visits whenever possible help bridge the distance.

  1. What role does Wanderly play in helping married travel nurses find suitable assignments?

Wanderly simplifies the process of finding travel nursing assignments for married professionals. Our platform uses cutting-edge technology, including blockchain, big data, and machine learning, to connect healthcare professionals and agencies efficiently. We provide transparent information, enabling couples to explore opportunities that align with their preferences and skills, ensuring a seamless experience in the travel nursing industry.