Adventure Nursing

Adventure Nursing


“The Transparent Travel Nursing Agency”

Author: Ivory Kump 

Tell us a little bit about the history of Adventure Nursing. What should the general public and the healthcare community know? 

Adventure Nursing was started by a family that was almost entirely made up of Travel Nurses and/or Veterans. After several contracts our President and owner Bret Grantham noticed there was a lack of transparency in the industry. Nurses were getting exploited and robbed of great pay because it’s not the norm to disclose the facility bill rate or the percentage an agency takes from that rate. He recognized this need for transparency and decided to start his own agency where we offer just that. Bret is a 24 year Air Force veteran and psych nurse. That makes us a service disabled veteran and nurse owned agency! 

Please describe the leadership team, their goals, and the overall culture over at Adventure Nursing? 

We have a great team here at Adventure Nursing. We are all somehow linked to the healthcare industry, if not directly than through someone we know and love. Our goal has always been to inform Travel Nurses of the industry practices and empower them to demand transparency from their agencies. Our relationship with travel nurses is that of a friendship, we want them to feel welcome to call and vent about their crazy shift, or reachout if they feel unsafe in their work environments. One of our main goals is instilling trust and building lasting relationships with our healthcare professionals. I would say we have a really empowering culture, not just externally with travelers, but internally too.  

Who should be utilizing Adventure Nursing? What specialties, positions, jobs, etc., do you specialize in? 

This is a great question! We are firm believers that we are not suited for everyone and vice versa. Our ideal candidate is someone who really wants to experience all the benefits of the travel healthcare industry. Someone who is looking for an Adventure! But it’s not limited to crossing state lines, there is no debate that Traveling can be more profitable than a staff job, and we encourage making money too! We primarily staff Registered nurses and have found great success staffing Psych Specialties but we don’t discriminate and welcome health care workers of all professions to travel! We’ve staffed CNAs, LPN, Physical therapists and more!  

How is Adventure Nursing unique in the healthcare space? Why should clinicians choose to work with you over someone else? 

This kinda ties back to why we started and what our long term goals are. We feel our transparency is our greatest asset. We will disclose the Bill Rate to our healthcare staff as well as honestly disclose the percentage we take which is a consistent fixed rate. One thing I’m really proud we do is keep the original rate that was provided to the nurse when they started their contract. Sometimes facilities will drop the bill rate mid contract or upon an extension, Adventure Nursing will usually honor your original contract’s rate. 

What are the goals for Adventure Nurse in 2022-2023? How are you improving for clinicians and for your internal team? 

We have been actively working on getting into some government contracting which is exciting! It’ll offer our nurses some great opportunities and fantastic pay along with more job security.  

Please tell us about any special offers or programs Adventure Nursing offers. What makes you stand out when it comes to benefits? 

Oh wow! There are so many. First of all, we offer a comprehensive health benefits package. We have a great referral program that acts as a second job! We will also match rates if we have the same job as another agency. building off my previous comment, we will grandfather a rate if it changes mid contract or at the beginning of an extension.  

How can Wanderly be a partner to Adventure Nursing within your daily operations and long-term industry goals?  

Right now the biggest challenge we’ve encountered is connecting with nurses in a meaningful and sustainable way. We believe wanderly has the opportunity to connect us to qualified healthcare professionals. Even if we don’t end up staffing them we’ve built lasting relationships that will hopefully  bridge us together in their future travel assignments. 

Why are the traveling clinicians important in the day to day at Adventure Nursing? 

Without travel Clinicians we wouldn’t be able to continue to do what we do so they are fundamental to our success! Besides that, the relationships we have built have really transformed into pretty special friendships. It’s inspiring to see how much we have the ability to help or change the lives of others, it really is rewarding work, and without our clinicians none of this would be possible.  

A final note: 

We’re working at changing the industry a little, providing the long needed and desired transparency in the travel industry. If you have questions or are considering a travel assignment we invite you to reach out for a conversation! No commitment required, we understand there is a lot of pressure to sign a contract and want offer a no strings attached opportunity to learn more about the industry before blindly jumping into the traveling side of healthcare.