Apex Healthcare Workforce

 Apex Healthcare Workforce

Tell us a little bit about the history of Apex Healthcare Workforce (Apex HW) What should the general public and the healthcare community know?

Our founders, having been caregivers for several years, have a deep understanding of what it means to provide care for patients and how special the folks who provide healthcare are. We have been providing exceptional care to patients and seniors in various healthcare settings e.g.  Long-term care facilities, Nursing homes, Assisted Living, hospitals as well as in private homes for several years.  As an organization we strive to not only care of our patients, but also those who care for our patients. The way we see it, anyone who leaves home to go out and provide healthcare is a hero, bar none! They deserve our utmost respect and deepest gratitude.  

Please describe the leadership team, their goals, and the overall culture over at Apex HW? 

Grace Rivers – Director of Marketing – My goal is to seek meaningful partnerships with healthcare facilities who’s values and passion for travel clinicians matches ours.  

Susan Chemirmir – Director of Operations – My goal is to make sure that things run smoothy behind the scenes to ensure a wonderful worry-free travel experience for our travelers.  

Artie Ogot – Director of Human Resources – My goal is to foster the relationship between our recruiters and our travel clinicians in sourcing and partnering with our amazing clinicians, inspiring them to bring their A-game to every travel assignment. 

Jep Cain – Director of Compliance and Quality Assurance – My goal:  Our travelers deserve a quality agency that puts their interests above company profits. If I can simplify the credentialling process, our travel clinicians can spend time doing what they do best – Deliver exceptional care. 

Our Recruiters:  

Angela Keter, Jeff Moquerio, Harriet Thuku, Zena Mukavane, Silveriano Gregorio – Our goal:  To make sure all our travelers know that they can count on us 24/7 and that we  always have their backs. 

Who should be utilizing Apex HW? What specialties, positions, jobs, etc., do you specialize in? 

We currently specialize in placing Per Diem and Travel RNs, LPNs CNAs. 

How is Apex HW unique in the healthcare space? Why should clinicians choose to work with you over someone else? 

We work hardest for you, the traveler. We believe that you are the face of our company and without you, we don’t exist. We try to create a travel experience by scouting your travel location ahead of time and help you secure comfortable and convenient housing and find fun things for you to do on your days off.  

What are the goals for Apex HW in 2022-2023? How are you improving for clinicians and for your internal team? 

To add Allied Health travelers to our team. To pass our Joint Commission Accreditation audit in January 2023, with flying colors. 

Please tell us about any special offers or programs Apex HW offers. What makes you stand out when it comes to benefits? 

We not only pay sign-on bonuses but assignment completion bonuses as well as healthcare benefits. Whenever possible, we pay the highest allowable stipend as dictated by the GSA 

How can Wanderly be a partner to Apex HW within your daily operations and long-term industry goals?  

Continue to grow your database so that we have more potential candidates to match our needs. 

Why are the traveling clinicians important in the day to day at Apex HW? 

Traveling clinicians are a robust part of Apex Healthcare as they bring value and professional variety to not only the agency, but also to the facilities they travel to. They provide expertise to areas that otherwise may not have it. Having the ability to work with traveling clinicians helps fill in the gaps between supply and demand in all medical fields.  

Anything else to add. 

We treat our travelers as we would a member of our families. We value them and always look for ways to show them how much they mean.