Staffing Industry Analyst Conference

Staffing Industry Analyst Conference

Staffing Industry Analyst Conference

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Coming up: the Staffing Industry Analysts’ Healthcare Staffing Summit: Driving Success in the New Normal! From November 3-5, this exclusive event will be hosted at the Encore Boston Harbor. It offers a wealth of opportunities and information, featuring keynote speakers from across the industry, chances for networking and collaboration, and a variety of exhibits. This conference, which seeks to forecast the future of the healthcare staffing industry after its explosive 8% growth in recent years, is a must-attend event for anyone involved in healthcare staffing.

Who are the keynote speakers?

The opening keynote speech, Driving Success in the New Normal, will be delivered by Barry Asin, the president of Staffing Industry Analysts and an expert on workforce solutions across the world. Here’s a quick preview of his presentation:

“The past several years have been among the most consequential in the history of the healthcare staffing industry. In the midst of a full-on health crisis healthcare staffing firms have risen to the challenge and transformed their businesses with years or decades of change taking place often in the matter of weeks or months. All of this against the backdrop of huge increases in Covid-19 driven demand in some areas and significant weakness in others. With this changing landscape comes new opportunities and new perils for healthcare staffing leaders. Drawing on SIA’s extensive research in the space, SIA President Barry Asin will share his thoughts on where the industry is going in the near term and into the future.”

The second keynote address will be given by Susan Dentzer, a senior policy fellow at the

Duke-Margolis Center for Health Policy. In her presentation, Health Care Without Walls and the Implications for the Health Care Workforce, she will put to use her expertise in health policy. Here’s a glimpse into her address:

“The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted sweeping changes in health care delivery, including a dramatic rise in telehealth and a movement of care outside of conventional institutional settings, such as from inpatient hospitals to outpatient locations and patients’ homes. Meanwhile, the pandemic also unleashed turbulence in the health care labor sector, as a substantial rise in demand for ICU care was largely offset by a fall-off in demand for elective surgeries. The result is that the pandemic has brought to the fore many pressing issues, ranging from shortages of hospital nurses, a boom in travel nursing, widespread staff burnout and quit rates, as well as other factors leading to equally dramatic pressures in the healthcare staffing sector.”

What are the opportunities for me?

This conference has two main reasons to attend: opportunities to learn, and opportunities to network. Prestigious keynote speakers with unparalleled expertise are a great opportunity to delve into the intricacies of the healthcare staffing industry. Furthermore, panels of speakers on a variety of different topics ensure that there are interesting discussions for everyone to participate in and learn from. For example, the “Platform Disruption and Nurse Staffing” panel will feature speakers from Gale Healthcare Solutions, Aya Healthcare, SnapMedTech, and SIA for attendees on the Tech and Disruption track, Those geared towards in leadership may choose to attend the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Healthcare Staffing session, whereas those interested in critical issues may be curious about the Telehealth and Healthcare Staffing: Opportunities and Threats session.

This conference also provides ample opportunities to network. It brings together healthcare staffing leaders, colleagues, and experts from across the country. At each meal and reception, networking is strongly encouraged. On the first day of the event, facilitated networking discussion tables allow peers to share and compare different ideas and strategies from across the industry.

What’s the hotel like?

The conference is hosted at the Encore Boston Harbor, a five star hotel located right on the water. Luxury rooms are complemented by a variety of sumptuous restaurants, a relaxing spa, and high end shops. After the hustle and bustle of the conference, let your hair down for fun all night long at the waterfront casino!

The SIA Healthcare Staffing Summit is an exceptional opportunity for anyone affiliated with healthcare staffing. It offers so many chances to learn and get ahead in the industry, as well as to connect with your peers. A must-go!

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