LaborEdge and Wanderly Announce Strategic Partnership

LaborEdge and Wanderly Announce Strategic Partnership

LaborEdge, a leading healthcare staffing technology provider, is pleased to announce its newly established technology partnership with Wanderly, a leading digital marketplace for travel nurses, allied health professionals, and other clinicians. This collaboration brings together the strengths of both companies to deliver enhanced solutions and improved services to our mutual customers. 

This partnership marks a significant value-add in the healthcare staffing industry as LaborEdge and Wanderly join forces to leverage their respective expertise. The collaboration aims to ensure seamless recruitment processes via integrated and streamlined workflows for recruiters. Through this partnership, Wanderly and LaborEdge allow for full automation from candidate sourcing processes all the way through submission to the end client. This marks an unprecedented integration between a marketplace and applicant tracking system. 

LaborEdge and Wanderly customers will be able to automatically post jobs from LaborEdge into the Wanderly marketplace to distribute to hundreds of thousands of potential candidates. Candidate applications that occur in the Wanderly Marketplace will seamlessly flow into LaborEdge to reduce recruiter workload and improve productivity. 

“The partnership and integration between Wanderly and LaborEdge is a first-of-its-kind advancement for the staffing industry. For years, staffing firms have looked for end-to-end integrations between a marketplace and applicant tracking systems, and now through this partnership, we have delivered it to the industry.” -Zia Rahman, Wanderly CEO and Founder. 

“We are thrilled about the collaboration between LaborEdge and Wanderly and the possibilities it presents,” adds Shail Arora, President of LaborEdge. “Together with Wanderly, our objective is to provide our ATS users with up-to-date job opportunities in the healthcare industry. We are confident that this strategic partnership will create favorable outcomes for both parties and our clients.” 

About LaborEdge  

LaborEdge is a leading technology provider in the Healthcare Staffing industry. Nexus, the leading healthcare specific ATS, enables you to successfully find and attract the best healthcare talent while significantly reducing the time and effort it takes to rapidly submit, credential, and place that talent. Nexus is a one-stop technology engine that flawlessly marries the best practices of healthcare staffing with the features and expertise of key partners such as Wanderly. www.laboredge.com 

About Wanderly 

Founded in 2017 by staffing industry veterans, Wanderly was built with one goal in mind-employ technology to improve the process of delivering the contingent healthcare workforce to the nation’s hospitals and health systems in a more efficient manner.  Our technology marketplace, which has been called the “Kayak of Healthcare Staffing”, is an ecosystem designed to enable meaningful connections among travel healthcare professionals, recruiters, agencies and health systems. www.wanderly.us 

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