Meet AB Staffing Solutions

Meet AB Staffing Solutions

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On Wanderly, we invite agencies to share fully detailed travel assignments for you to browse in an empowered way with the information you need. Today, we’re chatting with AB Staffing, a featured agency on Wanderly. Get to know them a little better here:

Share the AB STAFFING story– who, where, why, what, how:

AB Staffing Solutions was founded in 2002 and is a nationwide leader in Healthcare Staffing. Located in Gilbert, AZ, we provide staffing services for Travel Nurses, Allied Health Professionals, Advanced Practice Providers and Locum Tenens. Integrity, competence, innovation, and execution guides everything that we do. Our clients rely on our innovative solutions to meet their Healthcare Staffing needs. As a team, we create a positive experience for our Healthcare Providers while focusing on improving the quality of patient care in the Healthcare Facilities we work with Nationwide. We strive to be the leading provider of healthcare personnel at government and commercial medical facilities across the country. Creating a customized experience for each provider and understanding how
to create solutions for our clients is at the heart of what we do.

What is the team culture like at AB STAFFING? Give some examples of team members, their roles, and exciting milestones from 2018….

We have a leadership team that has been in the Healthcare Staffing industry for a combined 50 years– a great group of hardworking, compassionate veteran recruiters and some new faces that have jumped in headfirst to help find nurses and allied professionals their ideal jobs. AB Staffing was recently awarded the Top Healthcare Staffing company among the Forbes list of America’s Best Professional Recruiting Firms. We are pretty excited about being awarded the top spot in Healthcare Staffing and ranked #20 overall.

How does the leadership at AB STAFFING define success for the employees as well as success for the travelers?

Leadership at AB Staffing defines success in a variety of ways. The number one way we define success is in the feedback we receive from our travelers and clients when we find that perfect match. We understand the impact our staff has on the communities they serve and we’re excited to help facilitate that support. Internally, we define success by the impact and development we have with our teams. We grow as a team of dedicated, committed, and knowledgeable recruiters are the key to providing the service required in successfully placing healthcare professionals on assignment. Our success is defined as the growth of our number of active travelers on assignment. The more providers we place the greater our ability to offer more benefits to employees, partner with new clients, and improve the impact we have on our communities.

What are the hopes for the AB STAFFING/Wanderly partnership in 2019? How can we continue to best support each other?

We are very excited to be partnering with Wanderly to show Nurses and Allied Professionals what we have to offer. Our recruiters are passionate and they’re not afraid to go the extra mile to help a provider find exactly what they want. Because the focus of ours is working with facilities in rural and remote areas, we are excited about introducing Wanderly nurses to the possibility of giving back to those communities in need of care.

What gives the team at AB STAFFING the feeling of purpose in the day-to-day?

Placing travel nurses in their dream jobs is what motivates our entire team. We search the country to assist highly qualified RNs who want to advance their careers and be closer to their families. Often times, they’re too busy working to have time to look for themselves. It is the best feeling when our recruiters are able to place a candidate in a job they love.

What are the plans for the future of AB STAFFING? What is planned for 2019?

The future for AB Staffing is a bright one. We’ve invested in our teams to develop and build opportunities for our internal staff and travelers. Our biggest plans for 2019 involve creating more strategic client relationships. This will provide positions with better feedback, better pay, and better locations for our travelers. Improving their experience and interaction with us and our clients is our number one focus.

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