Travel Nursing In Dubai

Travel Nursing In Dubai

Travel nurses around the globe are attracted to travel nursing in Dubai for a multitude of reasons.

  1. No income taxes

Here is something Western Nurses probably have never experienced. Every dollar you earn in Dubai is a dollar that you get to keep. Due to the oil money the government of the UAE is sitting on, they don’t have to tax their citizens to make money. Salaries for travel nursing in Dubai range from $800-$2,000 UAD per week, but that overall total is a lot higher than it may seem when you don’t have to take off 20-30% after taxes. The salaries at private hospitals or with wealthy families can even be higher than $2000 UAD and depend on the facility or family.

  1. Amazing benefits

Health, dental and life insurance are standard in contracts for travel nursing in Dubai. Furnished housing is almost always taken care of. Travel allowances are usually pretty lucrative as well to allow travel nurses to get to Dubai and commute to work every day. Getting to Dubai is often a classy affair because the government sponsors their airlines which are some of the most luxurious in the world. If you have children, you’re eligible for the educational allowance as well to help pay for school.

The best benefit that comes with travel nursing in Dubai is paid leave. Many employers offer over 40 days of paid leave for nurses to travel throughout the Middle East, Asia, Africa and Europe are just a short plane ride away.

  1. Take in a completely new culture with a familiar Western vibe

Dubai’s booming metropolis has been one of the fastest growing cities over the last few decades. While it is situated in the Middle East, it is considered an “international city” that isn’t as religious as some of the other cities of the Middle East. The Islamic laws in the city tend to be a little bit more laid back. Both men and women can dress as they please and there are thousands of places to grab an alcoholic beverage. Unfortunately for the bacon lovers out there, you will not find pork in Dubai but you will find some tantalizing substitutes such as veal bacon. Also, ladies and gentlemen do ride in separate train cars.

Like the west, shopping is huge in Dubai. The Dubai Mall is attached to the Burj Khalifa which is the tallest skyscraper in the world. The mall has all of the high-end brands you know and love and is renowned for entire “districts” of denim, children’s fashion or shoes. The mall has an entire aquarium, VR Theme Park, a Rainforest Café.

Another popular mall in Dubai is The Mall of The Emirates. The Mall of The Emirates has over 100 restaurants and cafes, 700 retail & luxury storefronts, a 500-seat theatre and even a ski resort!

If your more of a bargain hunter, make sure to check out the Gold Souk. Every price is negotiable and you can get great bargains for jewelry, especially gold.

Like Las Vegas, Dubai is internationally known as a playground for wealthy adults. It’s an incredibly classy city where almost all of the cars are imported, hotels are incredibly lavish and diamonds seemingly begin at 24 Carat.

Everything You Need To Begin Travel Nursing in Dubai

To qualify for travel nursing in Dubai, you must have the appropriate nursing license your home country with no unexplainable interruptions of work for a minimum of 2 years. You cannot apply to work in the UAE yourself, the hospital you’re planning to work at must apply for you to gain a temporary license. The hospitals will require your education transcripts as well as your work history, and it’s possible that they’ll ask for references.

With a temporary license you may begin work in Abu Dabi, but to get a full license you must pass the Ministry of Health, MOH, exam. To get a full license to work in Dubai you have to pass the DOH interview.

In order to work in Dubai you’ll need the following 5 things:

  • A written job offer or contract from your employer
    • Ensure that this documentation is on a company letterhead.
    • By requesting this document your employer will begin the process of applying for your employment visa which leads to your sponsorship
  • A Sponsor from your employer
    • Once your employer has filled out your employment visa, you’ll be contacted by the UAE immigration department
  • A Health Card
    • To work in Dubai you have to be screened by a doctor and make it clear to immigration that you do not have
      •  HIV/Aids
      • Hepatitis C
      • Or TB
    • Once you have the clean record of health you have to turn it into the Department of Health and Medical Services with 2 passport size photos and two photocopies of your passport
  • A Labor Card
    • To get your labor card you’ll have to go to Dubai’s Ministry of Labor Office with
      • A Passport Sized Photo
      • Three copies of your employment contract
      • Photocopies of your entry visa
      • Medical records / Health card
      • A copy of your employer’s labor license (Contact your employer)
  • A Residence VISA
    • Once you’ve completed the tasks listed above you’ll have to the Dubai General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs with
      • Your original passport
      • Your original medical records or health card
      • Original entry permit
      • Two passport-sized photos
      • Photocopies of your labor card or labor card processing receiptt

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