Best Locations for Travel Nursing in the Summer

Best Locations for Travel Nursing in the Summer

Thinking about where to work this summer? Be sure to compare locations and pay packages here on Wanderly! In the meantime, here are some ideas to help you refine your search:


These locations are all renowned for their beautiful beaches and summer weather!

San Diego, California Travel-RN-San-Diego

Sunny San Diego is an essential stop for any summer traveller. With beautiful temperate weather and close proximity to some of the nicest beaches in the country, travel nurses working in San Diego will be hard-pressed to actually go to work instead of laying out in the sun! San Diego is also home to prestigious hospitals like the Sharp Memorial Hospital and Kaiser Permanente Medical Center.

Los Angeles, California

Just up the coast from San Diego is LA. The city boasts nationally ranked institutions like the UCLA Medical Center and Cedars-Sinai. It’s also known for its nightlife and the fact that it borders the Pacific Ocean. Head to the Santa Monica Pier for a fun day out, or to the Malibu beaches for some surfing. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for celebrities!

Travel-RN-MiamiMiami, Florida

If you like your summers hot, consider moving to Miami! With its reputation as the ultimate spring break location, it’s no secret that Miami offers both beautiful sandy shores and an exciting social scene. Top hospitals in the area include Baptist Health and the University of Miami Hospital and Clinics.

Honolulu, Hawaii

Located on the big island of O’ahu, Honolulu is probably the most beautiful location on this list. It goes without saying that Hawaii is famed for its incredible beaches and scenery. The popular Waikiki neighborhood at the center of the city offers dining and shopping. However, it is also a location with a typically higher cost of living, so keep that in mind if you consider moving to Hawaii.

Beat the Heat

If you prefer to spend your summers out of the sun, here are some cooler locations you may want to consider.

Anchorage, Alaska

If you’re the outdoorsy type looking for a new experience, consider Anchorage. Summer in Alaska is surprisingly nice, with temperatures typically ranging between 60 and 80℉. It also offers the unique opportunity to experience the midnight sun, as daylight in Anchorage in the summer can last up to 22 hours. Alaska’s incredible wilderness offers chances to hike through mountains and glaciers, or to see wildlife like grizzly bears and moose.

Seattle, WashingtonTravel-RN-Seattle

Summer in Seattle is warm and dry, but not too hot. Travel nurses have the opportunity to work at famous hospitals like the University of Washington Medical Center or the Virginia Mason Medical Center. When you’re not working, you can enjoy whale watching, attend a variety of music festivals and outdoor movies, or swim in any of Seattle’s numerous bays and waterways.

Travel-RN-San-FranciscoSan Francisco, California

San Francisco is home to some incredibly prestigious hospitals to work at, including the UCSF Medical Center and John Muir Health-Walnut Creek Medical Center. Summer days are warm, with some of that famous fog in the mornings. On days off, you can check out street fairs and festivals, eat popcorn in the stands at a Giants baseball game, or rent a kayak for the San Francisco Bay.

Portland, Oregon

Warm summer days in Portland are famed for craft beer, festivals, incredible food, and hiking in the nearby wilderness of the Pacific Northwest. Ambitious nurses can look for contracts at renowned hospitals like OHSU.


If you’re more of a night owl and looking for cities that reflect that, we’ve got you covered!

Austin, TexasTravel-RN-Austin

If you want to work at St. David’s Medical Center or the Ascension Seton Medical Center in Austin, you’ll also be able to enjoy everything that Austin nightlife has to offer. WIth over 200 venues performing multiple live music shows a week, Austin is a great choice for the musically inclined. The city is also known for iconic murals and hand crafted cocktails.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The City of Brotherly Love is known for its great casual bar scene and dining. Public transit makes it easy to access the multitudes of high quality but affordable restaurants on every corner. If you’re interested in living in Philly, look for jobs at hospitals like Jefferson Health or the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania.

Travel-RN-New-OrleansNew Orleans, Louisiana

The birthplace of jazz, New Orleans is full of live music, casual parties, and cocktails. It’s notable for having no last call laws, which means that the city truly never sleeps. It’s also home to the Ochsner Medical Center.

Las Vegas, Nevada

It’s no secret that Las Vegas has a wild reputation. If the casino and clubbing scene floats your boat, the bright lights of the Strip make it easy to find. However, Las Vegas also has some more low-key attractions that locals enjoy. Check out the Neon Museum, enjoy the variety of cultures represented in off-the-Strip restaurants, or go hiking in the nearby Red Rock Canyon.

Highest Hourly Pay

According to nurses.org, these locations are offering the highest hourly wage for travel nurses in 2021.

San Jose, CaliforniaTravel-RN-San-Jose

One of the largest cities in Northern California, San Jose is currently posting some of the highest travel nursing pay rates in the country. As part of Silicon Valley, it’s a center of innovation of technological advances. The city boasts a high-end shopping district in Santana Row, historical landmarks from the gold rush, and landmark theaters. Check out jobs at hospitals like Kaiser Permanente or Good Samaritan.

Oakland, California

Located on the east side of the San Francisco Bay, Oakland is another city currently offering travel nurses top wages. Residents of Oakland enjoy a diverse art scene, especially with city murals, delicious foods, Oakland’s Urban Wine Trail, and Bay Area views. Notable hospitals in Oakland include the Highland Hospital and the Alta Bates Summit Medical Center.

Travel-RN-AlaskaTanaina, Alaska and Wasilla, Alaska

Both of these locations are towns of approximately 10,000 residents; perfect for a travel nurse looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of a busy city for the summer. Residents here enjoy all the rugged, natural beauty of summer in Alaska while living only about 45 minutes away from Alaska’s largest city: Anchorage.

Summersville, West Virginia

Another small town of only about 4,000 inhabitants, Summersville is located right along the picturesque Summersville Lake. It’s tucked away in the heart of West Virginia and offers many diverting outdoor activities: white water rafting, boating, and hiking in the surrounding wilderness.

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