5 Underrated Locations for Your Summer Travel Nursing Assignment

5 Underrated Locations for Your Summer Travel Nursing Assignment

Preparing for your summer travel nursing contract means an overwhelming number of great assignment locations to choose from. There are some obvious cities that are very well known for being jam-packed with summer activities and gorgeous weather. However, maybe you want to explore a different region or apply for a less competitive contract. This is where we have you covered, because there are a ton of underrated states that are worth checking out for that next summer assignment. So if you’re looking to try out a new location start searching these cities over at Wanderly and transparently see what great rates apply! Once you find your dream assignment, check out our partners at Furnished Finder to find short-term furnished housing, too!

Boston, MA

There is so much to consider when you are thinking about taking your next travel nursing contract in New England. You can often score a great pay package (tips in another blog here) when you book an assignment here, which of course is one of the top things to consider, am I right? Another great thing is how central Boston is to a lot of other exciting places in the region. With a variety of transit options, it is so easy to pop on up to Portland, Maine for the day or head over to the big apple NYC. Even closer towns that are worth a visit include the ever-spooky Salem or beaches in New Hampshire where you can soak up some rays.

Enriched with historical sites for you history buffs and located by the water, Boston offers a lot of activities for city-goers and nature lovers. How can you miss an opportunity to sample the local chowder and lobster rolls while you watch for whales this time of year too?

Charleston, SC

The first thing worth mentioning is how booming the culinary scene has been in this region. Even with COVID-19, dishes include she-crab soup (topped with orange roe) or country captain (curry chicken). Also, classic southern staples like cornbread, barbeque and shrimp and grits. So go with an appetite and definitely scope out a perfect spot for a summer low country boil.

Being an inlet for the Atlantic Ocean there are endless water activities. The city offers a variety of sightseeing cruise options. You can also find water sports, fishing charters or even a booze cruise. Stroll around town to soak in the architecture and get your pictures. Plenty of spots like Rainbow Row or Philadelphia Ave with the colorful houses and cobblestone streets. Even if history isn’t what excites you, head over to see Fort Sumter. You take a ferry to the spot, and will get lovely views of skyline as you cross the Charleston Harbor.

Portland, OR

Oregon is a perfect location for the travel nurses really striving to maximize their outdoor adventures this summer. Oregon offers some of the most scenic waterfall hikes in the country as well as iconic climbing routes. This Pacific Northwest spot is home for novice and experienced hikers/campers so there truly are options for every skill set. Located only a couple hours away from Seattle, you have better luck stumbling upon less crowded trails. This is a great bonus for solitude seekers. A side note is how very dog friendly, not only the hiking trails here are, but the cities in general. So make sure to bring your favorite furry travel nursing companion.

Oregon itself is full of breweries for the craft beer lovers to immerse themselves in. The restaurant scene as well offers incredible variety. Be sure to check out the local food trucks downtown or pick up a famous voodoo donut. When you do decide to explore more of Oregon, you see how amazingly close you are to sightseeing spots. The coveted Tillamook creamery, the windsurfing sites at Columbia River Gorge, and picturesque Cannon Beach.

Billings, Montana

Known as “Montana’s Trailhead”, Billings is your jumping off point to a summer travel nursing contract with loads of outdoor exploration. Surrounded with its trademark rimrocks and mountain peaks the views will never tire. You will find yourself within driving distance of some of the most scenic national parks including Glacier and Yellowstone. You’ll also be home with a playground for mountain biking activities. In addition, Montana is home to some of the most diverse state parks in the country. You’ll be able to scope out caves, riverside and mountainous parks for whatever landscape sparks excitement for you that day. Finish up your day outdoors by finding the perfect hot spring spot for a relaxing soak.

Interestingly enough, Montana is home to some world-renowned fly-fishing, which means a great opportunity for you to explore a new hobby on your day off or find some local spot for a delicious fish dinner. Embark downtown for your central location for all things cultural to this part of America. Yellowstone fans, both the show and the history, will find numerous museums and exhibits featuring relics, art and more. The history of this region is evident as you explore and will be something you take away from your travel nursing days with dear memories.

Minneapolis, MN

A spot not highly sought after just yet by travel nurses for their summer travel nursing contracts, is Minnesota and it should be! Summers are undeniably loved here, because of the warm climate and seasonal activities. Enjoy the massive Minnesota State Fair, which attracts over 2 million people for the festivities. A perfect spot to start sampling some Midwestern foods like fresh cheese curds. Next, discover some of the craft beer breweries in the region. There are over 200 breweries operating today and business thrives for summer.

We can’t talk any more numbers without mentioning the more than 10,000 lakes in the state of Minnesota. Just imagine the variety of fishing, water sports and boating you can consume your off days with. This is yet another state with a ton of outdoor activities to fill your calendar with. Great for hikers and campers this time of year, but also a hot spot for berry picking. Check out one of your many options for U-pick farms to gather your blueberries and strawberries for camping snacks. You simply can’t end your contract here though without catching an All-American summer baseball game though. Another great place for you to sample one of the many regional beers or local chefs that feature local cuisine while you cheer on the twins.

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