The 5 Worst Things About Travel Nursing

The 5 Worst Things About Travel Nursing

The 5 Absolute “Worst” Things About Travel Nursing You Need to Know

At Wanderly, we’re always going on and on about all the perks and opportunities that go along with accepting a travel nurse placement. However, we’re realists here at Wanderly and want to provide you with the best possible information so that you can make the best possible decision for yourself. In that spirit, we thought you’d let you know that there are a few downsides you might want to think about before you accept that amazing travel nursing contract! 

1. All that money you’re making travel nursing might make you buy too many clothes and run out of closet space which is the worst

First, and for real, travel nurses making so much more money than their permanent staff counterparts, it’s hard to know what to do with it all! After you save for your future, pay for some luxury vacations, put a down payment on a house – what is there left to do but SHOP?! You might find that nothing but a walk in closet will do for you after all your success in your travel nursing assignment. But don’t worry, over at the Wanderly blog we have a list of the Top Paying Travel Nursing Cities  so you know which ones to avoid and Tips for Negotiating A Pay Package so you know what not to do if you’re worried about your lack of closet space!  

2. The next worst thing about travel nursing is having too many options

Second, with travel nursing, the sky’s the limit in terms of where it can take you. With Wanderly, you can compare and contrast different placements in different cities – there are thousands and thousands of opportunities out there….but how can you pick? Coast or country, city or suburbs, East or West, North or South? Should I consider the season? If it’s summer, how can I choose a contract? What about winter or fall? Or what if I want to go international? Luckily the Wanderly blog has lots of resources to answer all your questions and help navigate this difficult part of being a travel nurse. You have so many opportunities now that becoming overwhelmed in travel nursing is possible. 

3. Too many resources at my fingertips while travel nursing: it’s the worst when there is no challenge in selecting and negotiating my next travel nursing contract

Next, now that you use Wanderly, all the challenge and frustration about whether to become a travel nurse, where to go, how to get great offers and negotiate a great contract is taken away. Wanderly provides all the resources you need to navigate these areas and tackle any challenge that might come your way – seems a little too easy! 

4. Too many friends in too many cool places while travel nursing. How will I ever choose who and where in the world to go visit on my next vacation? The worst!

Next, one of the less talked about aspects of a travel nurse contract is what it can do for your social life. Suddenly you have friends in every corner of the globe and enough money in your pocket to plan some amazing vacations and visits with these new friends! Also, this may sound great, but you really can’t discount the stress that comes from building meaningful, lifelong friendships with people in cities in all kinds of exciting places all around the globe. Sure, the support, love and relationships are great – but when it comes time for a vacation, how can you possibly decide with this vast network of friends all over the country and the world? 

5. Career opportunity overload, it is just the worst: there’s just too many possibilities to learn way too much from world class health care professionals in world class health care settings at your next travel nursing assignment!

See, how much knowledge and opportunity can one healthcare professional handle? Been dying to move into a particular specialty but never knew where to look for the perfect opportunity? Wanderly is here to solve that problem. The only challenge you’ll face is, what will you do with all this new knowledge, professional connections, and mentors? 

6. Family and friends will get tired of you talking about how great of a decision using Wanderly is to snag the perfect travel nurse contract and how happy you are!

Lastly, it’s true – with so many opportunities and perks that come with being a travel nurse, you won’t be able to help but tell everyone you know about how happy you are with your choice to level up your career by using Wanderly to find you the perfect travel nurse placement. 

Well, there you have it! However, don’t be discouraged by the downsides of the perfect travel nurse placement, there are plenty of positives. If you’re thinking, “What will I love about travel nursing and using Wanderly?” in which case you should definitely check out some of these past blogs highlighting some of the many perks of travel nursing and how you can make it happen in your life: