6 Reasons to Compare Pay Packages on Wanderly

6 Reasons to Compare Pay Packages on Wanderly

Are you still wondering why you should use Wanderly to discover your next travel nursing assignment? Here are six quick reasons why you should let Wanderly help you find your dream contract!

1. Ease

Plain and simple: Wanderly is easy! It’s convenient! Wanderly lays out a massive quantity of assignment options for you to consider, but it is user-friendly and accessible so you never feel overwhelmed. Furthermore, Wanderly has made the application process a breeze by allowing users to store their Universal Application on their account. Never again will you have to fill out countless tedious, repetitive forms for each assignment you are interested in. Whether you’re searching for the perfect assignment, chatting with recruiters, comparing benefits, or submitting your application materials, Wanderly is here to help you by making the entire hiring process quicker and easier.

2. Search Filters

Wanderly offers travel nurses (and other allied healthcare workers!) the opportunity to apply to positions across countless specialties, locations, and environments. Each travel nurse has job preferences and lifestyle circumstances that are unique to them. Fortunately, Wanderly has developed countless search filters to make sure that when you search for a job, you are only seeing the results that align with your preferences. If you want to work a shorter-term assignment, Wanderly can help you find contracts within the range of 1-12 weeks long. If you are interested in COVID-19 assignments offering high salaries, the Wanderly pay rate filter can help you to only see those high-paying opportunities. Travel nurses who prefer to work with a specific agency can narrow their results to only include contracts provided by those agencies. Wanderly has so many opportunities to offer; their search filters make sure that you are finding the assignment that aligns most closely with what you want!

3. Abundance of Options

Currently, there are over 500 different travel nursing agencies seeking to match travel nurses with assignments. Rather than having travel nurses reach out to these agencies individually to inquire about job opportunities, Wanderly centralizes these agencies and the countless assignment options they have to offer on one platform. At any time, there are thousands of pay packages available for your perusal on Wanderly. 

4. Recruiter and Agency Reviews

A unique feature of Wanderly is the “reviews” section of the Agencies page. Within an agency’s profile, which provides basic information about the agency as well as all the jobs it is currently offering, travel nurses can read reviews of agencies and recruiters left by other nurses who have previously worked with them. For example, FlexUp Staffing has received an overall rating of 4.4 out of 5 from 41 different reviews. This agency consistently receives high ratings on qualities such as Integrity, Communication, Work Ethic, Responsiveness, and Support. The Wanderly “reviews” feature allows travel nurses to make informed decisions based on the quality of experience of other travel nurses!

5. Comparing Different Opportunities

As previously mentioned, the travel nurse hiring process used to be incredibly time consuming and required nurses to reach out to many different agencies and recruiters. The entire process lacked both efficiency and transparency. At Wanderly, however, transparency is massively improved. Job postings are broken down to their most fundamental characteristics: length, payment, location, shift times, specialty, and benefits. The ease with which all of this information is accessible makes comparing different assignments as painless as possible. With just one glance, nurses can see that one job opportunity may provide markedly fewer benefits than another, and therefore, they are able to make a more informed decision. Improving transparency in healthcare staffing allows travel nurses to be sure that they are accepting the best possible contract for them.  

6. Nurses Work Here!

Why should travel nurses trust that Wanderly is a great resource for them? Because the company was designed with nurses in mind. To ensure that their target demographic is being represented in important decisions, Wanderly uses the expertise of their Chief Nurse Advocate Kelley Johnson, who, among her many other accomplishments, is an RN and national spokeswoman. With Kelley’s input, Wanderly can be sure that they are designing a user-friendly platform that will do nothing but advocate for and improve the experience of travel nurses looking for their next position.

Are you ready to let Wanderly help you find your next great assignment? Compare pay packages on Wanderly now!

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