Why Your Favorite Agency Should be on Wanderly

Why Your Favorite Agency Should be on Wanderly

Wanderly is truly an amazing resource for traveling healthcare providers. Striving to improve the travel hiring process, our technology marketplace was created for healthcare professionals to compare travel healthcare jobs from leading agencies.

Wanderly is already home to thousands of traveling healthcare professionals who are also trying to find their next assignment and who are already fully-profiled and ready for submittal—if you haven’t yet filled out your full application on Wanderly, trust me, it makes everything much smoother.

Wanderly is built to give YOU transparency! You should be able to compare pay packages across the industry. Not only can you make an informed decision, but agencies are submitting a committed traveler who knows the assignment, knows the details, is fully-profiled, and still wants to be submitted. By finding jobs through Wanderly, you join a community that is built on trust and dedicated to supporting the clinical workforce.

Transparency carries the healthcare traveler throughout their recruitment process on Wanderly. Wanderly gives you the ability to search fully-detailed pay packages across trusted agencies, chatting anonymously with recruiters so your identity is kept private, and housing all of your skills checklists/certifications/licenses and documents that only need to be filled out/uploaded once for all future jobs (and once renewal occurs).

Our incredible agency partners are required to include all pertinent details, so our Wanderly Travelers are not left wondering. Our agencies are also trusted. What we mean when we say that is, the internet and social media gave healthcare travelers the power of information. Transparent healthcare jobs and verifiable blockchain reviews of your agencies on our platform increase your chance of a positive healthcare travel experience.

We are always looking to improve the experience of our users to ensure that the process goes smoothly and fairly. That is why agencies choose to be a Wanderly partner.

Having all information upfront gives a traveler the power of comparison and providing a choice assists both the recruiter and traveler within the industry.

Job searches can be filtered by:

  • Pay
  • Compact state
  • Agency
  • Location
  • Shift type
  • Specialty
  • Recruiter
  • Pay rate
  • Availability
  • Assignment length

Feedback and community are huge factors for the improvement of Wanderly, so we developed Pay Package On Demand (PPOD): an opportunity to create your own pay package and submit it to all recruiters in the system. Therefore, if they can find it for you or something similar, they can deliver it directly to you. We believe there should always be an option available, whether it’s 1.) the traveler requesting a specific job or 2.) a recruiter staying actively aware of needs and posting jobs accordingly.

Communication is an important part of Wanderly, and has been wonderfully evolving (based off of YOUR feedback) since the start. Starting with anonymous chat, travelers can reach out to a recruiter anonymously to inquire about a job you’re interested in. Your identity and information is kept private until you choose to share or send an application/profile to that recruiter. Wanderly encourages you to ask additional questions until you’re comfortable to move forward!

Paperwork is one of the biggest pain points we addressed. We give travelers a safe place to store their application/profile and they are universal, so they will adapt to any agency you submit to and store your information as you please. This includes: skills checklists, licensure information, physicals, immunizations, certifications, etc. You can also choose what you’d like to send to a recruiter, giving you more freedom with what you choose to share.

We listen to our travelers. The thousands of travelers we communicate with daily on social media platforms and social media groups are consistently sharing ideas on what they wish they had on an assignment, tips and tricks, how they’d like to see the recruitment process improved, etc. For us, knowing how you’re feeling is something that constantly helps us see where to make improvements and continuously add features that will aid those pain points.

Just to ensure there is not any confusion about what we have mentioned Wanderly is, we have compiled another list of what Wanderly is not.

What Wanderly is NOT:

  • a job board
  • lead generator
  • a place to sell leads
  • a travel nursing agency

First and foremost, Wanderly is a community that seeks to drive meaningful connections between healthcare professional, recruiters, and the end healthcare facility. Built by experienced healthcare staffing professionals to protect and assist clinicians in finding their next job, Wanderly is on your side!

Wanderly is always working to check out new agency partners to ensure they meet our community standards and seeking to bring more jobs to the community.

Travelers who sign up with Wanderly are signing up for freedom. By using Wanderly you will have more access to assignments, more anonymity with recruiters, more control, and more time to spend doing what you love, traveling, and not submitting the same documents over and over again.

It is simple. It is quick. It is painless. Sign up for Wanderly today.

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