Why Destination Travelcare Chooses Wanderly

Why Destination Travelcare Chooses Wanderly

Destination Travelcare will always choose Wanderly.

How did your Wanderly partnership come to be?

Jason from the Wanderly team reached out to us directly and my first conversation with him got ME excited about the future of OUR company. Notice I didn’t say Wanderly? He really wanted to know what about us and what our goals were. After hearing him talk about the experience that the Wanderly team has in the industry, I knew Wanderly was a company we wanted to grow with.

How would you, in your own words, describe what Wanderly is? 

Wanderly is a digital platform that is designed for healthcare travelers to make their lives a little easier. It is also a tool that helps the traveler and their agency be more competitive by delivering accurate job information, transparent pay packages, and candidate information in real time. 

Why did you join Wanderly? 

Speed to market is huge! This allows the agency and traveler to get the desired contract much quicker. That makes all the difference in getting our travelers the jobs they want. When our travelers are happy, we are happy!

Why should a traveler use Wanderly? 

I would ask a traveler this question – If I told you there was one platform where you could house your traveler profile information, chat anonymously with our Travelcare Agents about jobs you are interested in and with the click of a button you can apply when you are ready… What would you say? They would say, sign me up! Especially the upcoming traveling healthcare generation. Being a traveler requires everything in your life to be mobile so why shouldn’t your contract getting process be the same way!

What problems do you believe Wanderly solves for the travel healthcare community?

Transparency in pay and speed to market! I can’t stress this enough. Competition is better for all of us! The more competitive we have to be as agencies for our travelers, the better their experience will be in the end. At Destination Travelcare we view being competitive as a challenge for us to perform our best at the highest level for our travelers.

How does the leadership at Wanderly improve your confidence in having success with the travelers that use Wanderly?

Like I mentioned before, the entire Wanderly team comes from the Travel healthcare industry. They are so knowledgeable and very industry aware. I believe in their leadership which is why I say we are “With Wanderly”!

What are the hopes for your Wanderly partnership in 2020/2021? 

We hope to work with Wanderly in perfecting the process! Destination Travelcare’s headquarters are in Alabama and football is huge where we come from. “Trust the process” is a saying we do not take lightly. Apart of trusting the process is being a productive part of the process!

What has surprised you the most within your Wanderly partnership?

Wanderly’s team is so “easy to work with”, which is a big focus for our small team at DTC. Being easy to work with means that they are responsive, and they work very hard to meet our needs. 

How can Wanderly continue to improve to assist with your success?

I think that Wanderly will be an advocate for our industry and help all of us improve! And we are here for it

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