FASTAFF Travel Nursing

FASTAFF Travel Nursing

by Lauren Pasquale, Vice President of Marketing

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Fastaff, LLC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of U.S. Nursing Corporation. 30 years ago, USN was founded to staff nursing labor strikes. While strikes only lasted a number of days or sometimes weeks, in some cases the hospitals found the strike replacement nurses of such high caliber that they requested they stay for longer assignments after the strike resolved. This is how Fastaff was born….to launch a travel nurse company where these highly experienced, high-acuity nurses could go on extended assignments outside of strike windows, and hospitals could benefit from their help even for short-term assignments.

What should travelers know about FASTAFF?

FASTAFF is widely known in the travel nursing community for offering the industry’s highest pay in Rapid Response® assignments that can grow nurses’ value and help them earn their worth. With start dates as early as ten days from the day of posting the assignment, and flexible-length assignments as short as two weeks, and 48-hour work weeks with overtime,
In addition to high pay, FASTAFF is equally known for transparency. Posting hourly rates on all of our digital channels and not blending rates are two ways that Fastaff lets nurses decide their interest in a job WITHOUT having to negotiate with a recruiter. We call it WYSIWYG, or “What You See is What You Get.”

Finally, FASTAFF nurses are recognized by our satisfied hospital clients as adaptable, flexible and ready to hit the ground running. According to client surveys, nine out of 10 Fastaff nurses would be offered an extension. Our nurses self-describe as “the special forces” of travel nurses, and take pride in the association that Fastaff nurses are the best and most experienced in the industry. 

What is the team culture like at FASTAFF?

The Fastaff culture reflects the company’s purpose statement that we and our nurses do what no one else does, enriching lives along the way. Whether it’s sending 46 NICU nurses to Hurricane Harvey-hit hospitals in 24 or 48 hours by  plane, bus and National Guard helicopter, or matching 20 PICU and PEDS CVICU nurses in less than 24 hours to Southern California for concerning census spikes and staff outages, Fastaff employees and nurses take on the most challenging assignments and succeed through a culture of support and teamwork. In our #8th place finish on Colorado’s Top Workplace designation, we strive to inspire through our corporate values: Bold, Drive, Fun, Heart, Innovation, Integrity, and Passion.

How does the leadership at FASTAFF define success for the employees as well as success for the travelers?

Led by CEO Bart Valdez and an experienced and diverse group of industry veterans, the Fastaff leaders actively commit to a workplace culture where employees thrive and nurses can grow their value and earn their worth. A successful employee at Fastaff will become a subject matter expert in their area of focus, provide a cross-functional impact to improve the nurse experience and embody the corporate values. A successful Fastaff nurse will be travel-ready with up-to-date credentials, licenses and a packed bag to take on a challenging assignment in some of the industry’s most urgent and crucial situations. In any case, the employee and nurse will endeavor to do what no one else does, enriching lives along the way.

What are the hopes for the FASTAFF/Wanderly partnership in 2019? How can we continue to best support each other?

FASTAFF is always searching for the hardest-to-fill experienced nurses who are willing to take a high-paying assignment in ten days or less. In short, if Wanderly can help us connect with these high acuity nurses beyond the reach of our own platforms, and fill urgent and crucial jobs with these leads, we will consider this a successful relationship. Likewise, we hope that Wanderly will find value in offering these top-of-the-market jobs to the Wanderly audience and members to increase the value of the platform and attract new talent. What myths about the travel healthcare industry would FASTAFF want to correct for someone considering taking an assignment? FASTAFF  is recognized as one of the only agencies that do not blend rates and therefore simplifies the job search process for nurses who don’t have to spend time and effort understanding blended pay rates. FASTAFF pays housing and traveling separately and it is never deducted from a nurse’s hourly rate. Also, FASTAFF pay rates are presented as the highest possible pay as soon as the jobs are posted so nurses don’t have to negotiate with recruiters to earn what they are worth.

What gives the team at FASTAFF the feeling of purpose in the day-to-day?

As our purpose statements declare, we do what no one else does, enriching lives along the way. It inspires great acts of teamwork and confidence among our employees to accomplish amazing things.

What are the plans for the future of FASTAFF?

We intend to grow the number of high-paying opportunities we can offer to nurses by growing our nationwide offering of jobs at diverse facilities. By growing the number of assignments offered, ambitious nurses looking to grow their value and earn their worth will have more options to take a Fastaff assignment that enhances their career plan.

What else would you like to share?

The Fastaff mobile app offers one-click apply to the nation’s highest paying jobs, and a secure safe place to upload and store all of your important documentation. Search Fastaff Travel Nursing in the app store to download it today, and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with the same handle.


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