Temporary Housing For Travel Nurses

Temporary Housing For Travel Nurses

If you are considering taking a travel assignment or you have taken multiple, you probably know that you will need to find yourself temporary housing. The best part about temporary housing as a traveling healthcare provider is that you have a ton of different options. 

It is a common misconception because most travelers figure a furnished apartment is the only way to go. However, that is not the case at all, and we are excited to share other options with you, even if you choose a furnished apartment as the best option for you. We want you to make informed housing decisions, so let’s get started!

We highly recommend our traveling healthcare professionals check out Furnished Finders for their temporary housing. They provide short-term leases on furnished housing all over the globe.

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What is a Travel Nurse?

A travel nurse is just as simple as it sounds – a nurse who travels.  Travel nurses travel around the United States 13 weeks at a time, helping the nation’s hospitals provide excellent patient care while enjoying all the incredible things the United States of America has to offer.  After their 13 week assignment, a healthcare traveler can pack up and go to the next place, or look for an extension if they love where they are at.

So, whether it’s California for its beaches and incredible weather (California has literally everything), Florida for unlimited sunshine, Colorado for the mountains, or you just want to make more money and improve your skills, travel nursing is quite the incredible field.  

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Why Do They Need Temporary Housing?

Honestly, traveling healthcare professionals technically do not need temporary housing. You only need temporary housing if you do not have an RV you are traveling in, a friend or family member you are staying with, or another arrangement. Temporary housing is crucial for the healthcare travelers that commonly go from assignment to assignment with as little as possible. When you go somewhere new for 13 weeks, you will need temporary housing, hopefully, furnished, so you have a place to stay. 

Temporary Housing Checklist

  1. Short-term lease
  2. Furnishings
  3. Within your housing stipend or budget
  4. Pick a safe location
  5. Read and research reviews and previous tenants
  6. Close to work
  7. Understand the transportation
  8. Know the pet policy
  9. Research the elevator or stair situation
  10. Ensure you can get your mail
  11. Know who is paying utilities
  12. Understand the guest policy
  13. Learn the parking situation for you and for guests
  14. Find out about the amenities
  15. Learn the tendencies of the other residents

Be Cautious of Craigslist

We are sure that you already know this, but we have experienced some travelers get scammed on craigslist. We have also seen some travelers have great success on craigslist. The main point is to continually be cautious, make sure that you have references you can talk to before taking any rental off of craigslist, and ensure the area that you are looking in is a safe neighborhood. If it is possible to find rooms with roommates, that is another great way to verify the reality of the posting.  

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Find Trustworthy Landlords

This is not all on you. You won’t know people that you don’t know, right? So, we want to encourage you to ask for references if they are an independent landlord or just use a company, website, or apartment complex instead. You need to put your safety first when it comes to temporary housing, and that is not to scare you, it is just to equip and prepare you to have the best assignment possible.

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Visit Vacation Rental Websites

Shhh! This is our little secret. Vacation rentals are often a wonderful choice. You will see that most listings are for a weekend or a week trip, but oftentimes when you reach out to vacation rentals they are eager to rent their properties for longer to ensure the income. It is the perfect choice for a healthcare traveler because the commitment is low, but the housing is top tier.

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Stipended-Based Travel Nurse Housing

If you so choose, within your pay package, you will receive a housing stipend. Stipend-based housing is temporary housing based on the stipend that you are offered. Oftentimes recruiters can assist in finding you housing or you can search for housing specifically based on your stipend. This is a nice route to go simply because whatever is left over is yours to keep after you pay for lodging and meals. If you can find a place that is less than your stipend that is cash in your pocket. 

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Extended Stay Hotels

Extended stay hotels used to get a lot more flack, because of the cost. However, most extended stay hotels have truly become a very affordable option. This is a great option if you want assistance with your tidying, but you will have a lot more limited options than temporary housing with full furnishings. Most extended stay hotels do have a kitchenette, full bathroom, living area, and bed area. If that is all you need, you are good to go. Reminder: think about how you are going to do meals, laundry, and guests in such a small space. 

Don’t Forget Websites that Offer Short-Term Leases

You will see many websites that offer other people’s homes or apartments out for rental for a short term lease. These are awesome opportunities for you to really land a wonderful spot, that is all your own, that is owned and maintained and furnished by someone else, and offered to you for a short term lease with low commitment. We suggest that you check out Furnished Finders.


If you are looking to be a traveling healthcare professional you will absolutely need temporary housing unless you have another option in place well before you leave. We hope that you have found some solutions throughout this blog, or at least have had some of your questions answered about the various types of housing that is offered. You have so many options, and a quick google search in your location will solve a lot of issues. Furnished Finders has options for furnished short-term housing all over America, and is a great place to start. 

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