Travel Nurse FAQ

Travel Nurse FAQ

Travel Nurse FAQ

How much do travel nurses make a week?

If you’re asking this travel nurse faq, you’re probably thinking about travel nursing and if so, you’ve come to the right place! How much money travel nurses make each week depends on a variety of factors. But in the right locations salaries of 2-3K per week are not uncommon and salaries over 3k are often found in places like California.

Read our entire guide to travel nurse pay here.

How do I become a travel nurse?

To become a travel nurse, one must first gain 1-2 years of experience in a specific nursing specialty. Of course, you’d need an associate degree to even do that. Read How To Become A Travel Nurse by Nurse Kelley and Kay Slane here.

What are the best travel companies to work for?

There are tons of travel nursing staffing agencies and defining the outright best can be difficult. Some agencies that accel in customer service also offer higher wages while some of the bigger agencies offer more benefits at discounted rates. It really depends on your taste and relationship with your recruiter, but we ranked travel nursing companies here.

How do I pick a travel nursing agency?

As mentioned above, your favorite travel nursing agency depends entirely on your experience. You should try at least a few, on average seasoned travel nurses usually work with 3.

But you should definitely do your research online before signing on with any particular agency. Take advantage of google as websites have been collecting reviews of agencies for quite some time now.

Read 4 Tips To Pick a Travel Nurse Agency by Brittany Garcia here.

Which agency pays the most?

That kind of information changes every day. But if you want to find the highest paying travel nursing job in any city, sort your job opportunities by pay on our website right here.

How do I figure out short term housing?

You can find travel nurse housing a few ways. Some agencies will find housing for you and use some of your wage. There are also a variety of other methods of finding short term housing that you can find online.

FurnishedFinder specializes in providing short term furnished housing for travel nurses. Read more about travel nurse housing here.

Do travel nurses get health insurance?

Health insurance for travel nurses is one of the most frequently asked Travel Nurse FAQ. There are two viable methods of having health insurance as a travel nurse. One of those methods is to accept the agency’s health insurance plan. The money for the plan will come out of your wage and you’re only covered while you are on an assignment unless prearranged with your agency.

You could also have your own private health insurance & you can get a quote here! These private health insurance plans are a little more costly than the agency’s offering, but they allow you to be covered while on vacation between assignments. Our guide to Health Insurance For Travel Nurses is one of our blog’s most popular articles, read it here.

Can I get a license in another state if I don’t live there?

Yes, travel nurses do it regularly. In fact, the majority of the states in the US are compact states in the eNLC. That means if you have a license in one of the 29 states, your license works in all of the 29 states. Read about the impact of compact states by Kay Slane here.

Is Florida a compact state for nursing?

Yes! Florida is a compact state for nursing! So if you have a license in any of the compact states then your next assignment can be in Florida without any licensing needed. If you don’t have a license in a compact state, read about how to get your Florida nursing license here.

How long are CA BRN processing times?

First of all, California is not a compact state. While the licensing can take a while, this is the Travel Nurse FAQ with the most misinformation out there. The average amount of time for a temporary license is 8-10 weeks and for a permanent license it’s 10-12 weeks.

There are only a few things that could slow this down such as if your nurse schooling was done abroad or if there is a red flag in your background check. These are average turnaround times listed by the CA BRN here  

Read our comprehensive checklist to get a California RN license here.

Can I even travel nurse in Hawaii?

Yes you can! Although Hawaii isn’t a compact state for nursing, it is entirely possible for you to get your Hawaii RN license and work in the aloha state! Read about Hawaii Travel Nursing here.

Is travel Nursing with family possible?

There are tons of travel nurses that have families. The average travel nurse is usually of parenting age and they turn to travel nursing because of how much more money they can take home to their families.

Travel nursing is also a great way to show your little ones the world before they become to cemented to one home. Read about travel nursing with a child here.

How about international travel nursing?

Travel nursing abroad is entirely possible depending on where you want to go. If you want to be a travel nurse in Europe, you’d better be very good at the native language. If you speak English well, then England and Ireland are entirely possible for you. But if you haven’t spoken French since high school then you’ll likely not be considered fluent enough by the locals.Read about travel nursing in Europe here.

Travel nursing in the middle east is also possible in states such as Saudi Arabia and the UAE. These countries are incredibly different from the US so if you do travel nurse here you are in for a culture shock. If you’re looking for an English-speaking culture shock, then in Australia your English goes a long way! Read about travel nursing in these states here.

Travel nursing in Guam & American Samoa are also options. Since Guam and American Samoa are US territories, the licensing processes are a breeze. Read about travel nursing in Guam & American Samoa here.

These are only some of the Travel Nurse FAQ we hear the most. If you have any other Travel Nurse FAQ please don’t hesitate to drop them into the comments section. Happy travel nursing!

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