Travel Nursing with a Child – 8 Reasons why it’s doable

Travel Nursing with a Child – 8 Reasons why it’s doable

There is a common misconception about travel nursing with a child, and we want to set the record straight. You can definitely be a travel nurse and have children. Before you start thinking “what sacrifices am I going to have to make?” we want you to start thinking about all the ways that traveling with your children will benefit your family.

Here at Wanderly, we believe it is important for each travel nurse to feel like he or she always has options, control, and comfort when it comes to their family situation. This is YOUR life. Designing it the way you want is very possible and setting limitations for yourself or your family is nonsense. Here are a few tips on travel nursing with a child.

1. Change the way you think about “moving around” all the time and how it may or may not affect your children.

This one is important because too many people believe that they are constrained by moving. However, being a travel nurse gives you the option to decide when and if you want to settle down with your family and more importantly: where. You have so many options and aren’t tied up with a position that expects you to work nonstop. You can choose what is best for your family when the time is right.

2. You can visit your family members more often.

You choose your assignment schedule leaving you with plenty of time to travel back home and stay with family so your kids can have quality time with the people you love. Travel nurses are a rare breed that can have as many holidays off as they plan for.

3. Extensions give you options.

For travel nurses who are pregnant on assignment, extensions give you a ton of comfortable options. Extending with a hospital means you can stay with a consistent OB/GYN until you are ready to switch gears. When you decide you are ready to move to the next location or “back home” YOU CAN!

4. Road Trips with your family is vacation time!

Every time you are heading out for an assignment you are creating an opportunity to give your children a vacation. By making stops along the way at various entertainment sites, amusement parks, landmarks, etc. you are giving your children opportunity and fun that is unique to travel nursing. They get to see the world, too!

5. Safety isn’t lost while travel nursing with a child.

This is a large concern for a lot of people who have been travel nurses in high crime rate cities. Well, now you get to choose where you go next and where your family will live. You can safely explore and not have to worry, because the choice is up to you.

6. There are plenty of child-friendly housing options.

There are many ways to support your family with travel nursing housing: spend a little extra for more bedrooms, look for your own housing, research family complexes, and take assignments in family-oriented cities.

7. Extended Family Assignments

It is very rare to have a career that allows you live near all of your extended family over a year or two. By taking assignments in cities where your extended family lives you can spend time with them, allow them to really get to know your children, and even sneak a date night or two with a close-by babysitter.

8. Schooling isn’t down the drain.

There are many travel nurses who travel before their children are school-aged. Travel nursing with a child becomes difficult when they have school 9 months out of the year. But you still have 3 months to play with!  Take them on the road for summer or start your own home school year round- as nurses we are very multitalented!!


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