Travel Nursing in the Fall

Travel Nursing in the Fall

Travel Nursing in the Fall is our favorite combination! We are so excited during this season of life, so our team shared some of their favorite things to do. This is especially for our travel healthcare professionals to enjoy. If you are looking for ways to celebrate, get out of the house, or try something new, then this blog is for you! Enjoy!

Kelley, Chief Nurse Advocate

Pumpkin Foods at Trader Joes

“I love the cooler temps and colorful leaves, but fall is my favorite season for two big reasons: it is my birthday season and I absolutely love all of the pumpkin flavored items that come out seasonally at Trader Joes! If you have not been to Trader Joes yet this fall, run do not walk there right now. They have everything you could possibly want in pumpkin and fall harvest flavors. It is so amazing! I love to cook and to shop, and the fall displays at Trader Joes are a staple for me this season. Plus, travelers, it is so easy if you are in a time crunch! There are so many yummy microwavable items for you to try.”

Mel, Marketing Technologist

Apple Picking

“I love heading over to a nearby farm and picking some fresh apples. It makes for a great date day, and there are a lot of things to do with apples once you get home. You can bake apple pie, make apple butter, baked cinnamon apples, and dip them in yummy caramel. It always feels like fall, and most people have never tried it. I highly recommend!”

David, Senior Vice President

Sports, Sports, and More Sports….

“The MLB playoffs are in the fall and I love baseball so naturally that is why the fall is my favorite time of year.  A close second is that the NFL and College Football are in full swing, which means lazy sundays eating comfort food, tailgaiting and enjoying some great competition. Last but not least, I enjoy the cooler weather that fall brings us every year.”

Tom, President

Visit a Pumpkin Patch

“I have children, and taking them through the years to the local pumpkin patch was always a joy for our family. We could carve the pumpkins after our visit, and we really made a family day out of it. Nowadays, they have a lot of extra fun things to do at pumpkin patches as well. Grab a friend, and go get a pumpkin, go through a corn maze, and ride the hay ride!”

Zia, CEO

Attend a Sporting Event 

“I am a futbol fan, and I enjoy going to a game in the fall. The weather is perfect, and you can really enjoy being out and about. Of course, football fans everywhere are also in their prime season. Whether it’s a game for the big leagues or your child you absolutely should head out this exciting sports season too. Bundle up for the outdoor weather, grab a tea or coffee, or get cuddled up on your couch as you cheer on the home team!”

Xena, Design Guru

Haunted Houses

“I love the thrill and excitement of haunted houses. I enjoy getting together with a group of friends and going to the haunted houses and Disney, the zoo, local farms, and more. It is a great way to spend an evening and can be really fun to laugh with your friends after a shift. They do not have to be ridiculously scary, either. There are plenty of options. Embrace the Halloween spirit and try one out.”

Jason, Partnership Director

Fall Foods

“I enjoy the fall harvest foods. I like warm comfort foods, and my favorite holiday is thanksgiving. I love the holidays with friends and family, and I enjoy being able to wear more layers. Fall is a time to gather and, of course, enjoy delicious hearty meals together. I recommend planning or hosting a dinner with loved ones.”

Travel Nursing should bring unique opportunities to you, depending on where you’re assigned. I hope we have inspired you to try something new! We’d also love to hear what your favorite Fall tradition is, too. Have fun and happy fall!

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