Is Florida A Compact State For Nursing

Is Florida A Compact State For Nursing

“Is Florida A Compact State For Nursing?”

A lot of people are asking us: “is Florida a compact state for nursing?” and if you are asking that question yourself, we’ve got the answer for you! Florida is a compact state for nursing! If you’re thinking about getting RN licensed in “The Sunshine State”, you will be happy to know that as of January 19, 2018, they are now part of the eNLN (Enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact).  If you are currently a single-state Florida license holder, nothing changes.  If you want to convert your single-state license into a multi-state license, there are specific things that need to be completed beforehand.  Most importantly, you will need to do Fingerprinting again.  This is the number one item overlooked during the conversion process (Please refer to Multi-State conversion instructions below for details).  Making sure your information gets to the right place at the Board is just as important as the contents themselves.  It can easily affect how quickly your file gets processed and ultimately, get properly licensed. Here is the breakdown on where to send what:

If you choose to complete a paper application and send in your Licensing Fees, you must mail it to:

Department of Health,

Florida Board of Nursing

P.O. Box 6330

Tallahassee, FL  32314

The state of Florida is not a walk-thru state, doesn’t provide a Temporary License but compared to other states, the Florida RN License processing time is rather timely, with an average turn-around time of 30 days.

Before you ask “is Florida a compact state for nursing,” you should probably get your Florida RN License first! Listed below are the items needed to obtain your Florida RN License:

Complete Application and Pay Fee:As simple as it may sound, always remember to read the entire application first, before you submit your information to the Board.  You have the option of either applying by printing out an application and completing it or you may prefer to complete the online version of the application, using their online system  The current licensing fee for Florida is $110.00 (credit card payment only for online submissions or you can mail in a Personal Check, Money Order or Cashier’s Check when completing a paper application.

 Verification of Licensure: If your home state participates in the Nursys system, please log on to  If your state doesn’t participate, you should use the Florida Board of Nursing License Verification Request Form, which can be found on Page 15 of the Nursing Licensure by Endorsement Application. 

You will need to verify your original state of licensure but if your original state isn’t current, you will then need to verify your current license.

 Fingerprinting Requirement: All applicants are required to submit their fingerprints electronically.

 In-State:  The Department of Health accepts electronic fingerprints offered by Livescan device providers that are approved by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE).  Please refer to link below for a list of approved vendors in the state of Florida:

 Out of State: There are national Livescan service providers who can convert your fingerprints from a hard card to electronic Livescan.  You must use a Florida located vendor who provides this type of service.  Please go to the following site for providers:

 Fingerprint Facts:  *The Florida Board of Nursing’s ORI number is: EDOH4420Z.  The Florida Board of Nursing cannot accept hard fingerprint cards or results.

 *A photograph must be taken by the Livescan service provider at time of fingerprinting.  If your Livescan is completed without a photograph, you may be required to do additional fingerprinting in the future.

 *If you need fingerprint cards for conversion, you can request them at:

 Multi-State Conversion Instructions

If you’re asking “is Florida a compact state for nursing,” then I presume you’re ready to upgrade your single-state Florida license to a compact, multi-state license. There are some items that need to be addressed and completed.  Although they aren’t as involved as an original endorsement, they are important steps that need to be completed so that your conversion goes smoothly.  Here are the steps for Multi-State conversion:

Fingerprints: Cannot be submitted more than 90 days after you apply- Typically background results submitted by Livescan are received by the Board within 24- 72 hours of being processed. The Board of Nursing’s ORI number is: EDOH4420Z.  The Board cannot accept hard fingerprint cards or results. All results must be submitted electronically by the Livescan service provider.

Multi-State Application and Fee:  Complete application in its entirety at

Upgrade Fee is $100.00

 License Verification: Needs to be completed for original state of licensure only

 Proof of Residence: Complete the Declaration of Primary State of Residence (See Page 12 of Multi-State Application)

Now that you’ve completed all the requirements for your Endorsement or upgrade to a new multi-state license, you can relax as the “timeclock” for licensure has officially begun.  Please allow time for the Florida Board of Nursing to process your application before you call or e-mail them to check on your status.

*Please note* Applications are typically processed in date order and usually take a minimum of 10 days to process.  When completed application is received, the Florida RN Board of Nursing will send you a confirmation letter in the mail and assign you a file number and total processing time, from beginning to end, is about 30 days.  Once your license has been issued, you will receive a “hard card” in the mail. You can also verify licensure by going to License lookup, on the following website:

Florida Board of Nursing

Department of Health

Board of Registered Nursing

4052 Bald Cypress Way Bin C-02

Tallahassee, FL  32399-3252

(850) 488-0595

















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