Travel Nurse Housing – Furnished Finder

Travel Nurse Housing – Furnished Finder

Furnished Finder

Travel nurse housing can sometimes be a process. You’ve picked a location, found your perfect assignment through Wanderly, and now it’s time to choose a place to stay. You want something clean, safe, and affordable, but where does a travel nurse go for short-term furnished rentals?

Travel nurse housing is made easy through our proud partnership with Furnished Finder to provide Wanderly travel nurses with furnished rental options when they travel for work.

Furnished Finder is a short-term furnished housing site specifically for travel nurses! Along with their sister-site Travel Nurse, they’re dedicated to connecting travel nurses with property owners looking to host them for their 13-week assignments.

Property owners are individually vetted before they’re allowed to list on the site which helps protect our travelers. In addition, there are no booking fees or commissions when securing your housing with Furnished Finder, as you work directly with the property owner!  They’re commonly used by housing coordinators, recruiters, and stipend travel nurses alike, and offer all housing types on their map.

One of the founders of the company recently said, “It’s clear that travel nurses are gravitating toward Wanderly for jobs and other resources, and we’re thrilled to be a part of the Wanderly family!”  He continued by saying, “Our model is simple….we make it easy for travel nurses to find affordable furnished housing for every assignment without charging them to use our site.”

Wanderly is leading the way for travel nurses looking for assignments, and it makes sense for us to partner with companies like Furnished Finder who compliment our vision of helping travel nurses throughout their journey.

It is important to us here at Wanderly that our nurses know we offer much more than just assignment assistance. Partnerships like this one allow us to provide real value on our site/app which would otherwise be left for our nurses to figure out on their own.

We want to be able to provide our travel nurses, in all capacities necessary, with everything they need to have a successful assignment. That is what Wanderly is all about!

Wanderly is committed to assisting travel nurses find their next travel nursing assignment through our simple single-source pay package comparison tool. Now you can compare offers across travel nursing agencies, have anonymous conversations with recruiters, all while minimizing your credential burden with our one-time travel document submission.

Welcome to Wanderly, Furnished Finder! We are honored to partner with you to provide affordable travel nurse housing!

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