Why Wanderly

Why Wanderly

Why Wanderly: Discover How Transparency Is Changing The Industry

Wanderly is already home for thousands of traveling healthcare professionals to find their next assignment in a new way. Transparency carries the healthcare traveler throughout their recruitment process from being able to search fully detailed pay packages across trusted agencies, chatting anonymously with recruiters so their identity is kept private, and housing their application/documents that only need to be filled out once for all future jobs.

Our incredible agency partners are required to include all pertinent details so our Wanderly Travelers are not left in the dark.  Having all information upfront gives a traveler the power of comparison and that choice is what helps both sides of the industry. Job searches can be filtered by:

  • Pay
  • Compact state
  • Agency
  • Location
  • Shift type
  • Specialty
  • Recruiter
  • Pay rate
  • Availability
  • Assignment length

Feedback and community are huge factors for the improvement of Wanderly, which is how a feature like Pay Package On Demand (PPOD) came to be: an opportunity to create your own pay package and submit it to all recruiters in the system so they can deliver it directly to you in your inbox. We believe there should always be an option available, whether it’s the traveler requesting a specific job or a recruiter staying actively aware with where needs are and posting jobs accordingly.

Communication is an area that’s been evolving on Wanderly, starting with anonymous chat: where travelers can reach out to a recruiter anonymously to inquire about a job they’re interested in. Their identity and information is kept private until they choose to share or send an application/profile to that recruiter. Ask additional questions until you’re comfortable to move forward.

Paperwork: one of the biggest pain points we addressed was giving travelers a safe place to store their application/profile that are kept forever. This includes: skills checklists, licensure information, physicals, immunizations, certifications, etc. You can also choose what you’d like to send to a recruiter, giving you more freedom with what you choose to share.

We care about bringing on partners that will help other areas of a traveler’s need like gapless insurance (provided by eHealth), monthly furnished housing (provided by Furnished Finder), and nationwide grocery delivery (provided by Shipt). We plan to continue bringing on partners that will help improve the lifestyle of traveling healthcare professionals in all aspects.

Our other ‘partners’ are you. The many people we communicate with daily on social media and groups are always inspiring us and sharing ideas on what they wish they had, how they’d like to see the recruitment process improved, etc. Knowing how you’re feeling is something that constantly helps us see where to make changes and add features that will aid those pain points.

Other areas where our community comes together is through a weekly podcast, hosted by our Chief Nurse Advocate, Nurse Kelley. We bring on guests from a wide range like travelers, health enthusiasts, recruiters and agencies, and more. We also launched Wanderly Fitness, which focuses on health tips, guides, and partnerships from travelers who are passionate about staying fit while on the go. Lastly, our blog houses many pieces of wisdom from travelers like you. Read about the topics you find important like: designing your home while on the go, international travel nursing, 9 trends in nursing, travel nurse tax guide, 10 tips for new travel nurses, and more here.

Wanda, the pineapple is something you might’ve seen around our social media, homepage, or travelers who have a Wanda pineapple they snap photos with during their travels. It has become an essential part of representing Wanderly’s lifestyle in community, hospitality, and friendliness– the essential service for how we want to serve traveling healthcare professionals. Wanda has even made her way to TravCon with a scavenger hunt that brought the entire room together, travelers and recruiters, over the course of 2 days. If you’re interested in a Wanda pineapple, simply reach out to us on social media or info@wanderly.us and we’d love to send you one for your travels.

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