3 Reasons Travel Nurse Newbies and Veterans Want Wanderly

3 Reasons Travel Nurse Newbies and Veterans Want Wanderly

Travel nurse veteran or brand new, we’ve all been through the painstaking process of applying to multiple jobs with multiple agencies. We understand how overwhelming the entire procedure can be. There’s a lot of paperwork to be completed and sent in, and so much of it feels frustratingly repetitive (especially since until now you’ve had to do it for every job).  
Not at Wanderly. 
Wanderly is a place made for nurses, to find travel jobs from leading agencies, wherever you are, on any device.
Here are three reasons why all newbies, and veterans alike, should begin their travel nursing journey with Wanderly:
Travel nurses compare pay packages from multiple agencies within our system. You don’t have to wonder if there’s a better offer out there, we let you look at them side by side. We left the guesswork at the door when we ensured that Wanderly was a one-stop shop for finding your perfect (and individualized) pay package. Why not improve your earning potential in the privacy of your own home without anyone trying to sell you something?
Reason #2: Anonymity 
As a brand-new travel nurse, you will learn very quickly that recruiters and agencies can be absolutely relentless when it comes to trying to get you contracted (this is why all the veteran travel nurses protect their information like it’s their child).  At Wanderly, you can stay completely anonymous, even when in discussion with recruiters, until you are ready to divulge personal information. You have the control when it comes to your information. We have uniquely designed Wanderly to ensure that the nurses are comfortable and respected when it comes to communication. 
Reason 3: Apply Today
You can apply for any job, at any time, from anywhere. No, we don’t mean that you can fill out multiple applications and submit them as you go. We have one universal application here at Wanderly, and we save your uploaded certifications and reference documents for future use to avoid you having to re-upload. You can simply apply in the click of a button as many times as you want without re-entering information (unless, of course, you want to!).
We make life easier for a travel nurse.  Whether you’re just beginning or starting your 10th year, we’re here to help. For more great information on travel nursing and being a travel newbie check out Kay Epstein’s book Highway Hypodermics or visit her Facebook group “Travel Nurse Newbies”. 
It doesn’t have to be as frustratingly repetitive as it has been to apply for travel nursing positions anymore. It is important to us that nurses enjoy the entire travel nursing process, and that is one of the many reasons we created Wanderly.
Our goal is to make your career a bit easier, so you can enjoy life a bit more. Got questions? Chat with us today. 

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