Safety Tips Every Travel Nurse Should Know

Safety Tips Every Travel Nurse Should Know

4 Safety Tips for Travel Nurses

What are the most important safety tips for travel nurses? Getting ready for that next travel assignment is full of excitement. Although there are many factors to consider and safety should be a major priority. While a large population of the travel nurse community are women, these tips do not limit themselves to just the ladies. They are essential for all genders to ensure we are limiting the chances of unsafe encounters and preventing as many dangerous circumstances as possible.

Safety Tips For Travel Nurses During Times of Travel

First, consider the importance of safety during times of travel. The first step to arriving on site for your next assignment is the transportation. There can be a lot to consider depending on your means of transport. Many travelers choose to drive their personal vehicle from “Point A” to “Point B.” It is a great option, but should align with some safety precautions.

Second, make sure to map out your route ahead of time. This is important should you lose cellular service in a remote area. Especially now that the world is so reliant on electronics. Get a good idea of places to stop at for rest breaks, gas stations, or overnight accommodations as well. Especially, if the drive is long enough to necessitate breaks.

  1. Pack up a few staples to have along the way. These include water, snacks, appropriate charging devices, a first aid kit and any vehicle-specific items. Have a spare tire as well as any tools to assist with basic car troubles readily packed into your car.
  2. Before embarking on a road trip, it is essential to take your vehicle in for any due services. Possibly even a standard safety inspection. You want to prevent any surprises while out on the road. Another great resource is to invest in a roadside assistance policy such as “AAA” or one through your car insurance company. Even if you are lucky enough to never be in a scenario where you would need to use it, it can offer peace of mind on those long drives in unfamiliar places.
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Lastly, communicate with a friend or family member what your route maps out to be and be sure to check in occasionally so they understand your whereabouts.

Safety Tips When Meeting New People

Always emphasize safety when meeting new people. By far one of the most enlightening parts of the travel nursing journey is the amazing community. Travelers bond over the unique lifestyle and a passion for exploration. Lifelong friendships are formed with people from so many different backgrounds. However, always stay mindful of your own safety when starting to form new friendships. This rule is regardless of if your new friend is a traveler or a local.

The travel nurse community is lucky enough to have many resources for connecting us with one another. These allow for utilizing apps or social media, but that comes with risk. If you are looking to meet up with someone you were introduced to online, always meet at a public place first. It is wise to tell a friend nearby where you are going with this person. Do not give out any of your personal information like phone number or address right away. In fact, a great feature of Wanderly is that they allow you to stay anonymous when you’re speaking with recruiters until you are ready to proceed with the contract!

Safety Tips For Transit in Your New City

Now what are the best safety tips for transit options in your new city? Exploring a new location is a favorite aspect of beginning a new contract. Before venturing out look at what the means of transit look like in that area. For example, if your new assignment is in a large city you will have many options including buses, subways, ride-shares or simply walking. On the other hand, if you are in a more rural area you will need to dig a little more to find convenient transport.

Research the transit schedules and how to navigate them as a jumping off point. This is great to know for navigation purposes, but also helpful in knowing what parts of your new city are not the safest to explore when by yourself. When utilizing the popular rideshare services check if they include the newest safety features. Some people don’t know that some companies offer features like sharing your route live with a friend and show statistics of prior reviews of your driver.

Safety Tips When Choosing Your Housing

Lastly apply these safety tips for travel nurses when choosing your housing. By far the most extensive and challenging part of setting up for the next travel assignment is securing housing. With an overwhelming number of options to search for housing, this leads to an added need to vet your housing options thoroughly.

If using a site such as our partner, Furnished Finder, read reviews on the property and the property owner. Reach out to them and ask any questions you have about the property before finalizing any contract. It is always good to get answers in writing!) Review the policies for cancellation and anything that relates to your personal housing needs. Consider things like pet friendly, parking or number of allowed occupants. When ready to submit payment go through the websites secure payment system any time possible. When your housing is finalized, share your new address with a trusted person. Do this should they need it in case of an unexpected emergency.

An additional tip is to outfit your new home with more security features after approving it with the owner. You can purchase portable travel door locks for reinforcing your entry way from the inside. Another option is to utilize a small security camera like Ring to provide you with visual monitoring and alerts. For those who have chosen more non-tradition housing, like an RV or camper van, it is essential to have these additional security measures. Vehicles are highly targeted, especially in large population cities, and therefore can make you vulnerable to break-ins or profound vehicle damage.

Stay safe on your next assignment!