How to Become A Travel Nurse

How to Become A Travel Nurse

How to Become a Travel Nurse in 6 Easy Steps!

So you want to become a travel nurse but don’t know where to start? Wanderly is here to help! Whether you are just browsing for a new opportunity or ready to take serious steps to make it happen, we have all the information to answer your questions. Become a travel nurse today!

1. Understand what the term “travel nurse” means.

Travel nurses travel around the United States 13 weeks at a time, helping the nation’s hospitals provide excellent patient care while enjoying all the incredible things the United States of America has to offer.

2. Know why travel nurses exists. 

You might think of travel nursing as just a buzzword or a short-lived trend – but it is so much more than that and actually provides an essential service to healthcare facilities. With staffing shortages in healthcare settings all across the country, travel nurses help healthcare facilities meet all of their necessary staffing needs. This service is particularly important during seasonal spikes like Flu Season, during times where coverage is needed like leave of absences or maternity leave, or just to ensure their staffing ratios stay up to standards.  

You can always learn more about how to become a travel nurse on the Wanderly Blog

3. Know what you requirements you need to be a travel nurse.

travel nursing vs staff nursing

While there’s no exhaustive list of qualifications to be a traveling nurse, there are a few requirements that travel nurse recruiters will look for in an application. The most obvious, of course, is an active Registered Nurse license.

Generally, travel nurse recruiters will look for at least one year of experience as an RN. While there are exceptions, most hospitals want to know that you have been tried and tested before taking you on for a travel nursing assignment. 

Before you apply, make sure to gather all the needed materials like any licenses or certifications you may have to bolster your resume. 

Some recruiters will want to see specific expertise, especially if you are applying for a specialty floor or unit. Certifications for these types of expertise are also encouraged. 

For licenses, you’ll need to include:

  • The license type (i.e. Registered Nurse, Medical Assistant, etc.)
  • State where license was issued
  • Whether it’s a multi-state or compact license
  • The license number
  • The license’s expiration date

For certifications, include:

  • The name of certification
  • The certificate’s expiration date
  • Certification number (if applicable)

4. Whip your nursing resume into shape. 

The travel nurse hiring process is much like any other job application process. In order to stand out to recruiters as a travel nurse applicant you need a well curated and formatted resume. Revisiting and editing your resume is a daunting and often tedious task. Luckily, Wanderly has ample resources to help you whip your resume into shape. Check out our blog for moe on topics like hacking the recruiting software with keywords and how to format your nursing resume so that you can be a stand out candidate.  

5. Set up your Wanderly profile and research travel nurse placements.

Wanderly is your one-stop-shop for all of your nursing job search needs. Set up an account by linking your registration to your email, Google account or LinkedIn. Build your profile by adding your resume, certifications, and experience all in one place. The best part? You only have to do it once. That means you don’t have to update and collate your information every single time you apply to a travel nurse placement through Wanderly. 

The Wanderly Healthcare Job search tool allows you to browse by agency, specialty, location or pay. Not sure where to start? Wanderly has resources to help you decide which opportunity is right for you. Our live anonymous chat feature allows you to talk with experts who can guide you in the right direction. 

Check out Wanderly’s other resources as well! Especially when looking for your first placement, you might not be familiar with the different agencies recruiting nurses. Luckily, you can compare the agencies on Wanderly before you apply.  

Now you’ve done your research and it’s time to start applying. Since you’ve already set up your full profile on Wanderly, applying to travel nursing positions is as easy as a couple of clicks! \

6. Start the next chapter of your healthcare career. 

Becoming a travel nurse is one of the most rewarding, exciting and lucrative decisions a healthcare professional can make. Whether you are trying out a new city or knocking off a bucket list item, your new life awaits with a new opportunity to grow professionally. Your Wanderly journey doesn’t end once you accept your first travel nurse assignment. Wanderly is here to help you plan your next assignment and has resources to help you throughout your travel nursing career. 
Now that you’ve become a travel nurse, you can find answers to all of your questions on the Wanderly Blog from the best cities for travel nurses, how to navigate a new city without a car, and tips for bringing a pet along for the ride on your next travel nursing adventure!