Travel Nursing With Your Pet: 5 Tips

Travel Nursing With Your Pet: 5 Tips

Travel nursing with your pet is a common occurrence. Are you nervous about the idea of bringing along your four-legged pal with you for your travel assignment? Do you want to adopt a pet, but are concerned about the responsibilities it would require during your contract? We are going share some helpful tips for travel nursing with your pet. It is worthwhile to bring your four-legged best friend along for your next adventures!

1. Collect Your Pet’s Documents Before Travel Nursing with Your Pet

Travel Nurses with Pets

Organize your pet’s medical documentation before travel nursing with your pet. Get their essential belongings all put together in their own designated container. This includes medications, treats, toys or whatever else brings your pet comfort. Also be sure to collect all necessary paperwork and keep it organized in a folder. This includes their up-to-date vaccination records, microchip paperwork, or adoption paperwork. Needless to say, double check that everything is up to date!

Have a recent checkup with your vet as well. They assess your pets needs based on the potential location change you are about to head to. For example, there are insects and weather to prepare for. Your vet has the best information to keep your pet healthy. They will recommend a local vet in your new city.

Lastly, if you haven’t already, get your pet micro-chipped or outfitted with a tracking tag. Do this even if your pet is an indoor-only pet. Often when animals are exposed to new surroundings they itch to explore. So, make sure you can always locate them to ensure their safety and your peace of mind.

2. Utilize the Apps While Travel Nursing with Your Pet

A great resource we have at our disposal is a vast array of apps and websites that cater to pet owners across the country. These applications are ones like Rover, BringFido, Wag, Dogs ‘n’ Parks, or 11Pets. A handful of these are great to keep an electronic record of your pet’s records. They save you space and give you peace of mind should you lose a document during the chaos of one of your moves. Some apps offer you to connect with individuals or businesses that provide pet care services like boarding, dog-walking, check-ins or even grooming.

One of the favorites for travel nurses new to an area, are the apps that guide you to pet friendly hot spots in your new city. This is strongly utilized among dog owners as you are able to scope out a dog-friendly brewery, a local dog park, or an exciting new restaurant with an outdoor area! Use these to identify pet friendly hotels, which are especially helpful when you are in-route to your next travel nurse assignment.

3. Create Social Connections

A major perk to having your pet tag along on your next travel contract is the companionship and the social connections you to create. Dog owners particularly have many interactions with other dog parents while going on walks or hanging at the dog park. A huge number of travel nurses enjoy planning/attending meetups where the furry friends can tag along and have their own puppy play date. This is a perfect way to try out new spots in your city, while also meeting new people and letting your dog bond with other dogs!

What’s a better icebreaker than sharing your favorite anecdotes of your fur baby? Exploring a new trail or going to the beach with your pet keeps you both active, continues to strengthen your bond and opens the door for many opportunities to make new friends with the same love for animals.

4. Consider Housing Options

We’re all too aware that housing is one of the most tricky parts of starting your new assignment, so view our recommended housing options here . When you begin your search while travel nursing with your pet, be clear with the potential owners or company. More often than not, you will be looking at paying a pet deposit, but the alternative is to be slapped with a big fee or even eviction. Do not hide that your pet with be coming along with you.

Keep your recruiter in the loop as well, because they will steer you in a helpful direction. Many know trusted pet-friendly options that their travelers have used in the past. Look for a roommate that also has a pet. This way, you help each other ensure that the pets aren’t left alone at home for too long a time (especially if you are working long hours at the hospital) and to help with walks or feedings.

5. Prioritize Your Pet’s Comfort While Travel Nursing with Your Pet

Seems like a no brainer, right?

We all want our beloved pets to lead happy and healthy lives, but a move can be quite disruptive. Again, consult your veterinarian for advice, but have awareness during this time of your pet’s needs and behavior. Provide them comforting toys or blankets that have familiar smells to soothe anxiety. It is essential to keep up with their routines like feedings, walks or play time. If your pet has a history of anxiety there are products available to help. There are calming balms, medications and weighted vests to help them cope with the stress from a change of environment.

If you are driving to your next location, allow for plenty of relief stops and keep them secure in your vehicle in a carrier or crate. Once you finally make it to your new home, slowly introduce them to their living space and keep them comfortable in a designated area. Letting them roam about a large space is a lot for them to process. So, keep an eye on them and continue to give them all the love and attention during this time.

For anyone wanting to travel nurse with your pet, hopefully these tips bring you some solutions and peace of mind. Try to make the most of travel nursing with your pet in your upcoming travel contract! Travel nursing with your pet starts with finding the perfect assignment on Wanderly.