Ventura MedStaff: Rewarding Ventures

Ventura MedStaff: Rewarding Ventures

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It started with the desire to bring more balance to the healthcare community.

The desire to help healthcare professionals not just with a job, but with adventure, and in turn, life. To put people and their experiences first above all else to create a rewarding venture.



“To provide quality health care staffing with the highest standards of performance and integrity; while maintaining a diverse culture that promotes success and happiness for employees, travelers and business partners.”

What should travelers know about Ventura MedStaff? 

We are an agency filled with heart that is focused on building relationships with all our travelers! We have a people-first mindset that allows us to be our traveler’s biggest supporter and advocate when on the road. We also want everyone to know that we not only help nurses to travel but also allied health professionals and we have a therapy department dedicated to helping OTs, COTA, SLPs, PTs, and more to travel as well!

What is the team culture like at Ventura MedStaff? 

Truly, we’re not cookie cutters! We are proud to be diverse at Ventura, and celebrate all the different people and cultures that make up our work family. We are a team that lifts each other up and helps whenever possible. Need an extra set of eyes on a contract? Do you need a hand because your kids are sick? The team at Ventura is always ready to step in and assist. We like to laugh, have fun, and help our travelers to explore the world.

How does the leadership at Ventura MedStaff ensures success for the employees as well as success for the travelers?

Honestly, people are our greatest asset and our reputation is only as good as our people! We also strive to create a unique culture that encourages innovation, and a big part of that is our hybrid environment. We try to help our travelers find work/life balance and in turn, offer the same to our internal employees as well.

What are the hopes for the Ventura MedStaff/Wanderly partnership in 2022? How can we continue to best support each other?  

We want Wanderly to continue to help us use technology for good and expose us to new healthcare professionals to join our family. We in turn offer a great team with travel assignments all over the U.S. to help any traveler get where they want to go.

What myths about the travel healthcare industry would Ventura MedStaff want to correct for someone considering taking an assignment?

One misconception we see a lot is that to become a traveler you must give up any benefits you would receive from a staff job. We make sure all our travelers are supported by offering a variety of insurances, retirement planning, continuing education reimbursement, and more. If you are thinking of becoming a traveler, always remember that you are enough. And you can do this.

What gives the team at Ventura MedStaff the feeling of purpose in the day-to-day?

We see our travelers as part of our Ventura Family and believe that genuine, honest relationships form the core of our work. We build friendships every day and love sending our travelers on adventures around the country. We are just one small part of an extensive system. However, we are aware of how vital our role is in providing our societies and people within it with the best quality healthcare. As a result, we are rewarded with a more profound sense of meaning, engagement, and satisfaction in our work.

What are the plans for the future of Ventura MedStaff? What is planned for 2022 and beyond?

Organic growth where travelers come to us because of who we are and what we stand for. We also have just moved into a new, larger office this June. Now, we can hold our growing and expanding team. We can’t wait to use this new space to better serve our travelers and help them to have the best experiences possible.

Also, we would love for everyone to check out our website, or come and chat with us on any one of our social media channels! Here you can find our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. We also sponsor a Facebook group for Travel Healthcare Professionals here.

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