Your Guide to International Travel Nursing

Your Guide to International Travel Nursing

Wanderly International Travel Nursing

International Travel Nursing is here! Woo! We’ve been looking forward to this opportunity opening on Wanderly just as much as you have. One of our featured agencies, Ventura Medstaff, is now providing these opportunities on the platform and also wanted to shed some light on some FAQ’s regarding International National Nursing. Curious? Read on and feel free to reach out to us if you have any more questions:

  1. Where does Ventura have positions open for international travel?
    We currently have positions in the United Kingdom (including England, Wales & Scotland), Australia, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates
  1. Who is eligible to travel internationally? Age? Specialty? Experience?
    We have positions for all acute hospital specialties. There are some nuances:
  • Australia has a Working Holiday Visa, which those under a certain age qualify, but the other option is a Sponsored Visa, which covers everyone else. 
  • In Australia & the UK, they have midwives instead of L&D nurses, so they don’t use USA nurses. All Australian nurses have a Bachelors’s degree, so that’s what they require from our nurses in the US.
  1. How long are the assignments?
  • Saudi Arabia: 1-2 years
  • Australia: Up to 1 Year (Visa Dependent) or 2-4 Years
  • UK: 1-3 Years
  1. Are there any extra documents or credentials I will need to internationally travel?
    A Passport ☺
  2. What costs does Ventura cover for me/my travel?
  • Australia – there is a free flight incentive currently running by our partners.
  • UK – Flight reimbursement is possible. 
  • Saudi Arabia – Free flight from home to work assignment and return. 

   6. What is different about an international assignment versus a domestic one?
       International assignments have lengthy requirements before you take off for them and they are           also one year of length.

  1. What happens if I get homesick?
    You are allowed to get homesick; I would recommend calling your friends, talking to your family, and maybe setting up a vacation with them somewhere in the middle of two countries.
  2. What happens upon return to the US?
    I love getting back in touch with our travelers when they return home so we can talk about reintegration and what home means to them now. Also, if you want to take a travel assignment in the USA, we have you covered too.
  3. How many international assignments can I take? How many do most travelers take?
    You can take as many travel assignments as you want – we just ask that between each international assignment you do 2 x 13-week placements in the USA.
  4. Is international travel safe?
    International travel has risks, like all other forms of travel, but we are sending our travelers to locations that have been tried and tested. Foremost, safety is our concern.
  5. Why should I travel internationally with Ventura specifically?
    We have some of the best destinations on the planet and it’s only the beginning. As a boutique travel company, we are able to offer great opportunities with little overhead, and pay our travelers as much as possible.

Are you ready to try International Travel Nursing today?

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