What is Travel Nursing?

What is Travel Nursing?

Travel Nursing, have you ever been curious about it? For some, it’s something they’ve pondered here and there, while others have truly never known travel nursing was an option. If you’re craving adventure, a desire to experience new places and people, make more money, then keep reading. This blog is brought to you by our guest, NurseGrid.

Picture your next year like this: A springtime whirlwind of live music and barbeque in Nashville. Taking long summer hikes across the great American landscapes of Montana. Surrounded in autumn leaves as you drive to the shores of Cape Cod. Winter days off soaking in Florida’s sun.

How is this possible? By becoming a Travel Nurse! Travel nurses relocate temporarily to fill the short-term needs of healthcare facilities.

Travel nurses typically take on a new assignment every season. Thirteen-week contracts are common, though, based on what the nurse wants and what the facility needs, some travel assignments can last years while others are booked on a per diem basis.

Staffing agencies dedicated to travel nursing help candidates find work that is a good fit. Agencies have access to jobs across the country, so travel nurses work with multiple companies and recruiters who identify assignments suited to their strengths and needs.

Nurses also research assignments through online platforms that aggregate opportunities. For example, Wanderly lets nurses anonymously compare pay packages from agency partners and apply through the website.

The best part? The travel nursing industry is booming and there is no shortage of available jobs in the coolest, hottest, smallest, or biggest cities!

Why is business booming? Well, that’s the not-so-good part. There is an international nursing shortage with no end in sight. Nurses around the world are dealing with mandatory overtime, unsafe patient-to-nurse ratios, and the kind of fatigue that risks medical errors or worse.

Travel nursing counters the growing shortage by connecting available nurses to distant opportunities, sending resources to where it is needed most. Travel nurses journey great distances to ensure under-staffed teams work reasonable hours, maintain safe patient loads, and avoid burnout.

While travel nursing is lucrative and full of Instagram-worthy adventures, the truth is that these nurses provide a critical service to the healthcare industry. They are bettering the lives of every staff member and every patient in a shorthanded facility just by showing up.

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