5 Ways to Make Extra Money as a Travel Nurse

5 Ways to Make Extra Money as a Travel Nurse

Everyone wants to improve their pay, but nobody wants to negotiate with a recruiter to do so. We understand that Travel Nurses deserve extra cash here and there, and we want to help you make the most of your assignment! Here are 5 ways to increase how much money you make that you can do all on your own:

1. Double Overtime Pay

Most Travel Nursing agencies offer double overtime pay, because well, it is the law. Typically, there is no limit when it comes to how much overtime you can make, and you can work out all of the payment details with your recruiter to find out when you can cash in.

2. Extensions

This one is self-explanatory, but there are travel nurses that are new to the extension-game. Basically, if you are such a Rockstar travel nurse that your hospital asks you to stay, you can extend your contract and earn more money. On top of that, some agencies will even pay you an extension bonus for your time and energy. Double-bonus!

3. Referrals

Almost every single travel agency that we work with offers a referral bonus. If you have a travel nursing friend, sign him or her up with Wanderly and let them explore the ease of the travel nursing process with your favorite recruiter. If they accept a job with your agency, you will most likely receive a referral bonus!

4. Housing

If you do not accept the company provided housing, you get to keep your entire housing subsidy! Therefore, you keep the extra dough if you find your own housing that costs less than what is provided for you. It is a little bit more work on your end, but most agencies offer specialty and exclusive rates/deals in the location of your choice even if it is not their company housing. If you choose the company provided housing there is no wiggle room, the rest of the money stays with the company (or is not offered in the first place) even if it costs less than the subsidy (it usually does).

5. Switch Units/More Credentials

In any area of expertise, those with more credentials/experience/certifications typically make more. The critical care unit nurses are known to make the most out of all travel nursing units. You can attempt to gain experience on one of these units and then travel or improve your credentials and certifications on the unit you are on. It is all about patient safety, so more critical =more money and more education = more money.

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