Compare Travel Nursing Jobs in One Place

Compare Travel Nursing Jobs in One Place

Compare travel nursing jobs all in one place! Sound too good to be true? We, at Wanderly, like to make ‘too good,’ the norm. The way travel nursing jobs are found and searched for can be a daunting process. Even if a recruiter is offering you an opportunity, you still don’t know all your options or how it compares to similar assignments that are available. On Wanderly, the power is not only in your hands to search by location, pay rate, specialty, agency, and more, but to also compare all the available assignments across various agencies to get the best offer. It’s time you got to access everything on the market and make the first move. That’s right. You initiate the conversation by chatting anonymously with a recruiter who’s posting the job you’re interested in. They won’t know your identity until you choose to share your documents. 

The All-In-One Search Tool to Compare Travel Nursing Jobs:

  • Search by Agency: Guess what? The top-paying agencies can be found here, so you can view all available travel assignments in one place. Simply browse by agency or leave this portion blank to view pay packages from all agencies in the system. If you also have a recruiter you’re currently working who’s agency is not yet with Wanderly, you can refer them to include their job opportunities on the platform as Travel Nurse Jobswell.
  • Search by Specialty: Travel nursing jobs include many specialties and we have a place for yours. Searching by specialty is made simple for the area you want to work in on our job search filter. This includes: ICUNICUTELEMED SURGERCath LabPACUOR, and more.
  • Search by Location: Travel nursing jobs have locations that are endless. Every 3 months, you can experiment to see which coast or state you prefer the most. You can also check out our suggestions for Best Cities For Travel Nursing, which includes: Denver, ColoradoNew York CityLos Angeles, CaliforniaWashington D.C.Atlanta, GeorgiaLas Vegas, NevadaMaui, HawaiiAnd more!
  • Search by Pay: Our search filter allows you to search by highest pay so you can automatically see the top paying assignments from leading agencies. This gives you the power to compare pay packages and the many offers for an assignment before you even speak to a recruiter. Then, with one click, you can apply to as many assignments as you want once your profile is complete on Wanderly

The All-In-One Anonymous Chat:

The value for privacy has been too taken advantage of for healthcare professionals in the midst of finding their next job opportunity. We believe that you should be able to make the first move, contact a recruiter, and keep your identity hidden until you’re ready to share. No recruiter sees your information (not even your name) until you apply or choose toTravel Nurse Jobs share. The great thing is, part of your profile can be quickly submitted within the anonymous chat box with a recruiter. Keep the communication on your terms and only speak to who you choose.

You can also feel free to contact them in the system whenever you need any additional help or have questions. This allows you to ask general questions without the hassle of being bombarded by phone calls.

The All-In-One Application:

The dreaded application, licenses, documents, and skills checklists to be filled out and uploaded is a job in itself. We believe this isn’t something you should have to repeat again and again. On Wanderly, this is a one-time process. You heard right– and it’s stored privately in your account to use for all future opportunities. We also remind you when a license is expiring so you can renew it in time.

You also have the choice to select which parts of your profile you’d like to download as a PDF to use for any external use. Additionally, you can choose which parts of your profile you send to a recruiter. This gives you flexibility depending on what they’re asking for.

Make Your First Move:

So, are you ready? Find the job opportunity you want, without the hassle and endless phone calls. See what’s available across the market and make an informed decision with our data. Also, you can say goodbye to worrying about filling out another application, skills checklist, etc again.

What are you waiting for? 50,000+ travel nursing jobs are waiting for you. Browse, join for free, and start your next adventure on Wanderly. 

Didn’t answer all your questions? Not to fret! We’re also always 1 click away at info@wanderly.us. Also, don’t forget to stay connected with us! Get involved with our Travel Nursing community on Instagram and Facebook.

Hear what other travelers have to say:

“I think my favorite feature is the universal app. I love that you guys keep all the paperwork, and I don’t have to gather and submit to every agency for every job. That’s a really great feature!”
Travel Nurse, Leah Gnitka

“So far, I think my favorite feature is the ability to see what assignments are local and compare pay packages to competitor agencies. That and the blog. I love writing so I think it’s amazing people are able to share their experience through here.”
– Travel Nurse, Karen Montealegre

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