Travel Nurse Adventure: Elizabeth Ibarra

Travel Nurse Adventure: Elizabeth Ibarra

Nurse’s Week brings us another Nurse Talk feature with Elizabeth Ibarra, a travel nurse whose first assignment is right here in Los Angeles, California. We got to chat with her about some of her achievements, challenges, and more. Take a read below:
What has been your greatest achievement/challenge in travel nursing? 

Travel nursing has given me the capability to face my fear of the unknown. Prior to travel nursing, I was skeptical about traveling knowing I would be away from my “tribe,” my comfort, and my familiarities. I have learned to accept and endure challenges with open arms knowing that each circumstance has an opportunity for growth. All of a sudden, I have become one with the wind. And let me tell you, it is a beautiful current to ride!

Where was your favorite location for an assignment?

My favorite assignment thus far has been in Sunny Los Angeles, California.
I fell in love with every detail from the sand in my feet, the evangelic year-round weather, to the breath-taking views. It truly is an artistic, always on the go city.

Why are you passionate about being a travel nurse?

My wanderlust heart couldn’t have chosen a more beautiful path. Travel nursing gives you the entire package plus SOME! It allows you the freedom to pick up your luggage and go on a new adventure. You get the best of both worlds… expanding your nursing career, and a vacation all in one. You get to learn new tricks and tips from other hospitals, and also bring in your knowledge and expertise to help them.

Random fact: favorite coffee go-to?

My favorite coffee on the go- is bad for the body but good for your soul- Java Chip Mocha Frappuccino.

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