We Want You to be Featured on the Wanderly Blog

We Want You to be Featured on the Wanderly Blog

We are looking for submissions from our traveling healthcare providers!

It has been a long-standing tradition here at Wanderly to invite guest authors into our blog. We especially appreciate the traveling healthcare perspective directly from the clinicians themselves. You deserve a voice, you have incredible stories to tell, you live a life that most only dream of, and you have a lot of newer travelers looking to you for advice. Our audience is wide and vast, and we are excited by the idea of bringing them information and guidance from their peers in the travel healthcare community!

We are looking for more submissions now that 2021 has started and the pandemic has given incredible insight, opportunities for reflection, and new challenges we see our travelers overcoming every single day.

If you enjoy writing, have a funny story to tell, want to share an idea, have a recommendation, take really lovely photos on assignments, or anything you think travelers would enjoy—we would love to feature you on the Wanderly blog! Of course, we will share out any social media platforms, events, or information you would like us to in exchange for your content.

Here are some examples from previous travelers to set the tone for what we like to feature and what our readers enjoy:

Leah Gnitka, RN on traveling in general:
What was your first travel assignment?

“My first assignment was in West Virginia, and the state pleasantly surprised me! I heard stories about how people don’t wear shoes there and don’t have teeth. But what I found out for myself was how nice everyone was and how beautiful the state is! In West Virginia I learned to live outside of my comfort zone.”

What’s your favorite part of being a travel nurse?

“My favorite part of my job (besides getting to explore new areas) is getting to meet so many different nurses and learn from them. It’s so fun to compare the different hospitals and staff and see how things are done. I have already learned a lot!”

Kayla Hussey, RN on traveling in NYC:

“Fortunately for people wanting to go travel nursing in New York City, it has some really great hospitals. Not only that but for some reason these hospitals have a lot of openings for travelers. A great mix that I’ve only ever seen in San Diego as well (p.s. Go there too). I was lucky enough to work at two great hospitals, NYU and MSK. I would recommend both of these. NYU is a teaching facility with some new state of the art equipment (and even a podcast! haha). They just opened a HUGE BEAUTIFUL new building so they may need people as they fill the needs of the new building. They were on a hiring freeze (why I didn’t resign) but I have since been contacted to come back so that is over (I declined). MSK (Memorial Sloan Kettering) is a nationally, perhaps worldly, known cancer institute. I learned the most from this assignment and I saw some of the most innovative surgeries I have ever seen (I’m an OR nurse). They weren’t as travel-friendly as NYU, however, they weren’t actively mean and working at a world-renowned place made it worth it. I know NYP and Mount Sinai are supposed to be awesome places but I can’t attest personally. I heard Lenox Hill is still paper charting so beware of that!”

If you would like to write for Wanderly and submit your experiences, photographs, hints, tricks, etc. please fill out this form below and we will contact you.

Thank you! Happy Traveling!


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