What is Wanderly?

What is Wanderly?

Wanderly is a place for travel nurses. However, It’s important to us to ensure that every nurse we encounter has an accurate answer to the question “What is Wanderly”? So, we chose to simplify exactly what we do. No gray area.

This is a place for nurses to come to improve their travel nursing experience with a simplified recruitment process. Not only that, but it’s available to you on your desktop or on your mobile device for easy assignment review and submission from exactly where you want to be.

At Wanderly, you CAN:

view pay packages

● obtain assignment information

anonymously chat with recruiters

● upload your documentation for easy submittals when you feel the job is right for you

(Yes, this means skills checklists, licensure information, physicals, immunizations, certifications, etc. only need to be filled out and uploaded ONE TIME for all of the jobs you review and all of the recruiters you choose to communicate with until you renew them).

What Wanderly is NOT:

● a job board

● lead generator

● a place to sell leads

● a travel nursing agency

Our entire mission is to make this process easier for travel nurses, and that is IT!

Signing up with Wanderly is signing up for freedom. By using Wanderly you will have more access to assignments, more time to chat with recruiters that you WANT to chat with who won’t have your contact information, and more time to spend doing what you love and not submitting the same documents for the hundredth time.

We are here to help you! We’ve heard many complaints about the process travel nurses go through to find an assignment, so we decided to create a solution for all of them.

What are you waiting for?  Visit us today and find your next job!