• RN
  • Planning analyst/Data system
Concord, NH
  • Day, 5x8 hr
  • Experienced
  • 15 Beds
  • New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services
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PRAMS Project Coordinator/Planning Analyst/Data Systems – The Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System is an ongoing CDC-funded project. This Master’s level position includes oversight, coordination, administration and management of all aspects of the PRAMS project.

If you are interested in applying for this position, please follow link to apply: https://das.nh.gov/jobsearch/ and search for Job ID:  19292.

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  • Health Insurance
  • Contribute to Health Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Vision Insurance
  • Life Insurance
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  • Nationwide
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 ASTHO is the national nonprofit organization representing public health agencies in the United States, the U.S. Territories, and the District of Columbia, and over 100,000 public health professionals these agencies employ. ASTHO members, the chief health officials of these jurisdictions, formulate and influence sound public health policy and ensure excellence in state-based public health practice. ASTHO's primary function is to track, evaluate, and advise members on the impact and formation of public or private health policy which may affect them and to provide them with guidance and technical assistance on improving the nation's health.


The State of New Hampshire, Department of Health and Human Services, Division of Public Health Services has a full time vacancy for Planning Analyst/Data System.

SUMMARY: The PRAMS Project Coordinator is responsible for overseeing and coordinating all aspects of the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC) Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System (PRAMS) grant in collaboration with internal and external partners. The position oversees data collection and management procedures of the State PRAMS survey, including ensuring the quality and timeliness of the data and preparation and dissemination of reports. This position reports to the MCHS SSDI Program Planner III.

RESPONSIBILITIES: Supervise PRAMS staff and conduct and/or oversee PRAMS data system and human subjects training. Serve as liaison between the New Hampshire PRAMS Project and CDC; coordinate PRAMS program activities with other Maternal and Child Health and Division of Public Health Services staff and with other agencies and organizations; participate in CDC PRAMS site visits, training and other programs; facilitate the PRAMS Steering Committee. Develop and revise the PRAMS protocol’s state-specific sections and participate in the development of the state’s questionnaire in collaboration with the PRAMS Project Director and CDC; assure operational adherence to the PRAMS research protocol. Describe the laws, regulation, policies and procedures for the ethical conduct of research; applies ethical principles in accessing, collecting, analyzing, using, maintaining, and disseminating data and information. Oversee all data collection, retention and security procedures, including sampling, preparation of mailings, and telephone interviews; oversee all data management procedures, including stat entry and data verification; establish and monitor security and confidentiality of PRAMS data; develop a high level of proficiency with all PRAMS software. Conduct telephone interviews of women who recently gave birth, asking questions of a sensitive nature, and monitor telephone interviews conducted by other PRAMS staff for quality assurance. Participate in the analysis and dissemination of PRAMS data, including the implementation of policies pertaining to analysis and dissemination (e.g., review process, access to data); recognize limitations of evidence (e.g. validity, reliability, sample size, bias, generalizability); present PRAMS data publicly. Suggest approaches for disseminating public health data and information (e.g. social media, newsletters, etc.); convey data and information to professionals and the public using a variety of approaches (e.g. fact sheets, presentations, etc.); facilitate communication among individuals, groups, and organizations. Apply for and obtain Institutional Review Board (IRB) approvals, inform IRB of procedural changes and other revisions, and obtain annual continuation approval. In the event of an adverse event, the Project Coordinator is also responsible for reporting this event to the CDC and the local IRB. Comply with grant reporting requirements and preparation of annual CDC cooperative agreement applications and reports; develop program budgets; Ensure that all required files and reports are submitted in a timely manner; manage contracts related to PRAMS, if applicable.