Get to Know Elite Specialty Staffing Through Owner Curtis Anderson

Get to Know Elite Specialty Staffing Through Owner Curtis Anderson

Tell us about Elite Specialty Staffing:

Elite Specialty Staffing was born out of the need for a trusted nurse staffing agency that puts nurses first. No matter what. It goes without saying that no one understands this industry better than a nurse, and we are proud that Elite Specialty Staffing was created by a nurse. While the company ownership has changed since then, we believe in sticking with our roots and have always grounded our business model on looking at things from the nurse’s perspective and supporting nurses. Our company started out by filling short-term contracts and per diem nursing shifts in the Utah/Idaho area with much of that work concentrated in Boise.

As the company began working with nurses, it was clear that many RNs had bad experiences with other staffing agencies who put themselves, profit margins, or the employers first. Their needs were not always considered. Replies took a long time to make it to them. Nurses felt pressured to accept contracts that were not the best match for their skills. Also, many nurses felt abandoned by their recruiters from other staffing agencies once the contract started.

All these pain points from nurses were considered when we expanded the business to include nationwide travel nursing contracts. We made it our mission to provide unwavering support and build strong relationships with our nurses to create the best possible travel experiences. After all, nurses have worked very hard to achieve and maintain their licensure status and there would be no healthcare facilities or staffing agencies without them. Nurses deserve our utmost respect, time, and attention.

What should travelers know about Elite Specialty Staffing?

Nurses considering a travel nursing assignment with Elite Specialty Staffing should know that we offer premium pay packages across the board. We ensure our nurses earn the highest amount possible on all contracts.

As cliché as it may sound, it’s very true that when you work with Elite, you are not just part of a team, rather a family. Relationship building has always been the cornerstone of our foundation. Every nurse is treated like a person, not a number. Our recruiters take their time with the nurses to really get a feel for them and support them in every possible way. We maintain adequate staffing for our recruiters so that they have ample time to spend with nurses without ever feeling rushed or pressed for time.

We carefully consider the skill sets, areas of specialization, and types of hospital experience our nurses have and we couple that with what they want most out of a travel nursing contract (i.e. pay rate, location, etc.) to create the best fit for nurses and employers that go together much like puzzle pieces. Through this process we have seen many successful contracts and nurses who come back to us time after time.

Travel nurses are busy people and we are dedicated to making every effort to make the process of securing a travel nursing contract smooth and seamless for them. As part of this commitment, we use technology to its fullest when appropriate to make it easier for nurses to stay in touch and submit their travel nursing documentation. We only use technology that truly makes life easier, not more stressful or complicated.

What is the team culture like at Elite Specialty Staffing?

Elite has grown by leaps and bounds in 2019 and we are looking forward to bigger celebrations in 2020! Creating a productive and positive culture is so important to us! We spend most of our day communicating with our team members, so we strive to create a healthy atmosphere where everyone has a voice and feels valued. Our main inter-office communication language is GIFs.

Our longest running team member is Becca who oversees our compliance department and has the most Elite historical knowledge. She has an amazing attitude about helping our travelers succeed and is always on top of things!

Then we have Jake who is our newest account manager, coming in with over four years of healthcare account management experience and a pocket full of dad jokes. In his short time with us, he has already brought on new clients and facilities for our travelers and is proving to be a valuable addition.

Amanda heads up our recruiting team. She is knowledgeable about our industry, creative in her problem solving, and has an incredibly bubbly personality that adds fun to our workdays!

Finally, we have Curtis and Colin who are the brains behind the business and have the hearts to match! They teamed up together to show the healthcare staffing industry what it’s been missing – genuine nurse appreciation and improved technology processes. We joke around and say they could take over the world with their ideas and innovation! But seriously. Get ready for 2020.

How does the leadership at Elite Specialty Staffing define success for the employees as well as success for the travelers?

Success at Elite Specialty Staffing is defined by the completion of travel nursing assignments that result in both nurse and client satisfaction. This is measured by the retention of both nurses and employers.

Our goal is to make sure nurses know that we are here to support them every step of the way through the application and working processes. We demonstrate our commitment by providing reliable ways to contact us that go beyond business hours.

What are the hopes for our Wanderly partnership in 2020/2021? How can we continue to best support each other?  

We look forward to collaborating with your experienced marketing team to expand the reputation of Elite Specialty Staffing both at a local/state level and nationwide. Through equal efforts from Wanderly and Elite, we hope to:

  • Expand our reach
  • Establish quality backlinks
  • Grow stronger relationships with nurses
  • Build more trust and transparency
  • Build up our brand that focuses on nurses first and foremost
  • Match more nurses to open contracts to contribute to the widespread staffing crisis

What myths about the travel healthcare industry should we want to correct for someone considering taking an assignment?

Myth: “You’re too old become a travel nurse.” This is a myth that we strongly disagree with. There are many nurses out there who have worked in the same facility for so many years, that they doubt their ability to pack up and leave for travel nursing assignments. Older nurses are some of the most experienced in the field and they make excellent travel nurses. Plus, nurses who are older often have more freedom since their children have grown, and many of them have always dreamt of traveling one day, so this type of nursing is a perfect way to make that possible.

What gives your team the feeling of purpose in the day-to-day?

Our team goes to bed at night proud of the connections they have made for our nurses and the employers who trusted us with their staffing needs. There is so much satisfaction in knowing how we have changed the lives of our nurses, especially those who previously had negative travel nursing experiences.

There is also a deep sense of satisfaction from helping hospitals and healthcare facilities that are in desperate need of qualified nurses. Some of these organizations are literally only steps away from having their doors closed forever, and by filling their need for nurses, they can continue to operate, for now. This is especially true for the community and rural hospitals that have been struggling for several years.

What is planned for 2020?

Our goal is to increase our ability to support our people wherever they are. In the building. At the hospital. In their cars. With their families. Ultimately, we believe that technology adds value to the relationship by getting the process out of the way.

We are amid constructing, testing and integrating a handful of tech-based solutions that will alleviate pain for both nurses and facilities. We’re very excited for 2020, and Wanderly will be the first to know (wink)(wink)…

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