Travel Nurse Gift Ideas – We love gifts too!

Travel Nurse Gift Ideas – We love gifts too!

Holidays or not, there are a lot of reasons to shower a travel nurse with gifts. We want to assist those of you who may not be sure what to purchase for that special nurse of yours. Travel nurse gift ideas may seem like an easy decision. But travel nurses have very different lifestyles than floor nurses and job-specific gifts go a long way in this industry. Plus, these travel nurse gift ideas can score you major bonus points!

Here are 20 travel nurse gift ideas that are specific to the needs of a traveler:

  1. Airline Vouchers or Miles
  2. New, rolling luggage set
  3. Uber gift cards
  4. Amazon gift cards
  5. Starbucks/Coffee gift cards
  6. Grocery gift cards
  7. Massage gift cards
  8. Tumblers (water bottle with a straw)
  9. Restaurant gift cards
  10. iPads, Kindles, etc.
  11. FitBit
  12. Tickets to an event in their new city (check their schedule)
  13. New, slim, waterproof watch
  14. Scrubs gift card
  15. Workout gear
  16. Hotel vouchers
  17. Chapstick, sunscreen, location based necessities
  18. Salon gift card
  19. Care-package (nurses like to be taken care of, too)
  20. A visit from you!

That last one is so important. In light of that, visit your travel nurses! Don’t forget to bring them something special to remind them of home! Travel Nurses often uproot their entire lives in order to further their career. Uprooting a weekend is not a lot to ask relatively speaking.

Happy Shopping!!


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